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6 web design essentials you didn't know you needed

Sometimes it's nice to stop thinking about jQuery plugins and responsive web design and treat yourself; even better if it's something that'll help you be a better web designer. And so we've rounded up six things that we think you'll love, but which will also be useful instead of just being pointless designer tat. Check them out!

01. Cactus

Cactus is a new workflow for hand-coding websites. Just choose a template and Cactus generates the folder, file structure and everything else.

02. 12Hours

12Hours is a pretty and clever Android app that marks your diary pressure points on a clock face.

03. Lumos

With over 1,450 subtle and beautiful icons designed with Android in mind, Lumos could be an essential addition to your design armoury.

04. Responsive Design With WordPress

If you're after a practical and well-paced guide to building thoroughly modern websites, look no further than this offering by Joe Casabona.

05. Appiterate

Is this the world's only drag and drop visual app editor for iOS and Android? Appiterate thinks so, and who are we to argue?

06. HTML5 Pocket Reference

Succinct yet very readable, O'Reilly's HTML5 Pocket Reference is like the Tardis: tiny on the outside but huge inside.

This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 252.

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