20 top new tools for freelancers


From juggling your finances to writing proposals and making sure you manage your time properly, there’s much more to being a freelancer than just working with clients. Luckily, there are plenty of tools to help you out. This issue – on sale now – the net team asked Atomic’s Femke van Schoonhoven to test out some of the options available, so you can find the tools that suit you. 

This month's freebie

If you’re a freelancer (or a small-business owner) looking for some accounting help, this month’s freebie should come in handy: all readers will get a free three-month trial with FreeAgent, an online accounting tool that helps you manage everything from invoices and expenses to VAT.  

Boost your skills 

In the Projects section you’ll learn how to build a mobile prototype with UXPin, implement beautiful typography in Sketch, craft reusable components via the Shadow DOM, and more. Plus, this issue the team have rounded up 22 awesome screencasts. Whether you’re looking to improve your RWD techniques, master animations or explore Material Design, you’ll find a video tutorial for you. 

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Jenn Symmons busts 6 top layout myths

Are you still working to a 12-column grid, relying on frameworks and designing in rectangles? It’s time to break out of your rut. In this issue’s Second Feature, Jen Simmons takes an in-depth look at the new technologies that are making the impossible possible when it comes to layout.  

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Behind the scenes on Zone’s new site for South West Trains

Each issue we go behind the scenes on an exciting website project, and this month the spotlight is on the new ticketing system for South West Trains. We spoke to the creatives at Zone to find out how they build an streamlined and hassle-free new system that connects directly to the national ticketing database. 

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Build an Angular 2 to-do app with a Material Design feel
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Take your typography to the next level
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Learn how to build a mobile prototype with UXPin
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7 web pros discuss how Brexit might impact the industry

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