Feast your eyes on Müller's new optical illusion campaign

A billboard featuring Müller's new ad campaign in collaboration with Magic Eye optical illusions
(Image credit: VCCP London)

Müller delivers a big dollop of nostalgia as it launches its brand new ad campaign, featuring a trippy illusion that'll have your head in a spin. In collaboration with creative design agency VCCP, Müller has teamed up with Magic Eye optical illusions to create their very own mind bending illusion that's causing quite the stir. 

By bringing back beloved fan favourite flavours, Müller Corner Originals aims to appeal to our nostalgic side. The most recent campaign celebrates the return of the fan favourite "Mississippi Mud Pie" flavour in response to a flurry of requests, from direct demands from eager fans, to "government petitions" (it's strange what we're prioritising nowadays). Hungry for more? Check out our top picks for the most mind-bending optical illusions. 

A series of billboard ads for the new muller campaign in collaboration with magic eye illusions

(Image credit: VCCP London)

Müller's strategy and marketing director Tony Bevans says that consumer research has shown that "90s aesthetics are having a moment" and that the ad campaign is a move to dial into Müller's "90s heritage". To capture this retro nostalgia, Müller's very own Magic Eye op-art is just as infuriating as the original visual puzzles, but can you spot the hidden message? 

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While some may find this optical illusion rather headache inducing, it's clear that Müller's move to capture the '90s nostalgia craze is attracting attention. There's hope that the ad will engage with the Gen Z audience, whilst appealing to those that remember the original craze, representing the "playfulness" of the brand. 

Whilst I wasn't there for the golden age of Magic Eye op-art, I can see the appeal of these mind bending illusions. You can lose hours trying to decipher these pictures, but the more you try, the harder it is to see. It seems I'm not the only one who's finding it tricky...

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I can't take my eyes off of this puzzling illusion and I'm still trying to work it out. According to social media comments responding to the ad, the hidden message is a teaser for the release date of the highly anticipated flavour on the "24th July". The question is, did you solve it? 

Check out how other brands are getting creative with their marketing, and if you've had a taste and want more, take a look at our top picks for the most mind bending optical illusions this year.

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