Sony's latest PS5 stunt is a giant advertising win

A shot of two giant PlayStation 5 console statues in various cities
(Image credit: Sony)

It's not every day you see a PS5 console as tall as a house or even a giant norse Axe wedged into the streets of London. But in Sony's latest genius marketing campaign, PlayStation-themed displays are popping up around the world to celebrate the console shortage ending and to promote the brand's most popular franchises.

Titled "Live from PS5", this unique campaign sees giant statues of PlayStation staples appearing in major cities that so far include a PlayStation 5 console, the Leviathan Axe from God of War and even an imposing Clawstrider from Horizon Zero Dawn. As fans flock to see these impressive displays, we're reminded of some other fantastic advertising we've seen over the years.

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It's a well known fact that getting your hands on a PS5 console has been pretty impossible over the last few years. Since it's first release back in November 2020, stock has been incredibly limited due to a lack of various integral components and buying a console has felt like a challenge. As we roll into 2023, Sony has announced that production of the PS5 is no longer limited and stock will be a lot easier to get. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Sony has launched this unique campaign titled "Live from PS5" and it's taking the internet by storm.

The giant statues are incredibly impressive to look at with a lot of detail on display. The PS5 console (which have now appeared in Rome and Dubai) has an incredible light up display that has wowed people around the world, with some joking that this is the next generation of PS5 we'll be able to buy. I'm just saying, if I could get a giant PS5 I totally would.

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Alongside the statues, Sony has also released a brand new trailer that showcases some of their most popular games. With the campaign titled Live from PS5, it's no surprise that the trailer is in the style of a live news report. There are lots of fun PlayStation easter eggs hidden away in the trailer, including the news anchor desk being a horizontal PlayStation console, and viewers are loving it. One YouTube fan comments, "reminds me of the older live action ads from the PS3 era. Nostalgic!"

With this campaign only going live in the past week, we're excited to see if any more giant installations pop up and with the recent release of the DualSense Edge pad, maybe it's time we saw a giant controller appear somewhere. Just saying. 

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Abi Le Guilcher
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