This AI-generated pizza ad is actually kind of amazing

AI-generated image of a women eating pizza
(Image credit: PizzaLater via Reddit/Future)

As if the rise of AI text-to-image generation wasn't alarming enough, now we have AI-generated videos to contend with. And yep, it turns out moving images are even more bizarre than their static counterparts – partly, perhaps, because the tech is a little newer and more rudimentary.

We've already seen a terrifying video of Will Smith eating Spaghetti (the link's at the bottom if you really want to see it), and now we have an ad for a fictional pizza brand. And, weirdly, I kind of love it? Like all the weirdest art created with AI, you couldn't quite make it up.

Definitely wasted 3 hours of my life making this today... Everything is AI from the VO to the video and images. Assembled in After Effects. from r/midjourney

Reddit user PizzaLater shared that everything in the video, from the voiceover to the video and images, was created using AI. The script was generated by ChatGPT, the images come from MidJourney, the video is courtesy of Runway Gen2, and the voiceover comes from Eleven Labs. 

While the images are suitably unsettling, perhaps the weirdest (and best) thing here is the script. "Like family, with more cheese" is definitely the best pizza slogan we've never heard. Time will tell what AI-generated video will look like in a year's time, but if the progress is anything like MidJourney's in 12 months, then we're a little scared. As one Redditor puts it, "We had none of these tools a year ago. Imagine the quality of AI generated videos like this a year from now. Freaking amazing stuff." Okay, okay, here's the link to Will Smith eating spaghetti.

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