Will Smith + Spaghetti is the most traumatic AI content yet

AI-generated image of Will Smith eating spaghetti
(Image credit: u/chaindrop on Reddit)

There's a new AI generator in town, and it's off to a pretty noteworthy start. Text-to-video generator Modelscope has gone viral on social media for its utterly horrifying video clip of... Will Smith eating spaghetti. Yup, for real. And this isn't like anything you've ever seen before so strap in.

AI has thrown out some pretty wild content so far, but this might take the prize for the most disturbing. I feel we should put a disclaimer before you subject your eyes to this, so I'll just check: Are you really sure you want to do this? Okay, then off you go. 

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It isn't just the way Smith is shovelling fistfuls of totally unmalleable spaghetti into his mouth with this bare hands with wild abandon that's the problem. It's also how he lurches all over the place with his bendy body, and the contortions of his face. He's been likened to his character in Shark Tale, and that's pretty accurate. 

Sure, it mirrors how we might feel when we haven't eaten all day and need to get that food in our faces, but this exceeds even how we all fear we might eat spaghetti if we ordered it on a first date. In short, it's the stuff of nightmares. 

Uploaded to Reddit by user chaindrop, it has made the internet lose its collective mind. With most asking how on earth this has happened, one user has a pretty sensible answer. "It is because A.I has never eaten food since its creation," they theorise. 

"This is a projection of how hungry A.I will eat food once they learn how to eat. Imagine starving for years and finally getting food". Fair. 

An AI-generated image of a man holding up his hands created in the AI image generator Midjourney

AI has already mastered hands so technology is clearly moving fast (Image credit: Joseph Foley using Midjourney)

Modelscope was launched only last week, and is a crude version of what's likely to be coming next for text-to-video AI (the hands issue was solved super-quickly and it's likely this technology will progress just as fast). And with a whole host of text-to-video programs being released at once recently, this subset of AI is obviously about to have a moment. You can try it out for yourself right here.

Whether or not you see AI fitting in with part of your artistic or design workflow in the future, the reality is it's here to stay (as Adobe Firefly proves). Working out what that means for human creatives is a complex issue, one which even Adobe says it needs your help to navigate. But whilst the technology is crude enough to pose little threat, we're choosing to enjoy the hilarity while it lasts. 

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