Twitter's hand drawings are ham-fistedly hysterical

Image by @bmwald18

Drawing people is hard. The human eye is so familiar with the human body that it's finely attuned to spotting mistakes in figure drawings. Not that you need to look too closely to notice flaws in these sketches of hands, which are trying to copy a video currently doing the rounds on Twitter.

Posted by Satisfying Daily, a parody account that posts clips of incredible feats executed effortlessly, this video (below) sees an artist deftly sketch an image of a woman's hand with quick, clean strokes. It's such a satisfying and impressive take on how to draw hands that plenty of amateur artists have picked up their pencils and pens and tried to recreate it themselves. How hard can it be?

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Answer: very. The human hand is one of the most fiddly and intricate parts of the body you could hope to draw. Not only does the size of the hand need to be in proportion with the rest of the figure, but the fingers have to be the right length and there needs to be the sense of a cavity in the palm. Nightmare.

Perhaps the artists didn't know this before they tried to recreate the sketch, or maybe they did and they were feeling particularly gung-ho after watching the video, or maybe they'd mislaid their best pencils. Either way, we salute them for their efforts, which we will look at now for humorous effect...

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Admirable efforts all round. And in the spirit of not being a total meanie, here's my attempt at recreating the tricky clip. Don't laugh too much...

Hand drawing

Better not give up the day job

Think you could do it? Try it yourself and let us know how you get on. And if you get really stuck, you can also check our guide on how to quickly sketch hands.

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