Rumoured iPhone 14 feature could make it Apple's most pro smartphone yet

A concept for the iPhone 14.
(Image credit: Jon Prosser/RendersByIan)

We know what you're thinking – the iPhone 13 hasn't even been out for two weeks, are Creative Bloq really already talking about the iPhone 14? Well, believe it or not, rumours regarding the iPhone 14 are already circulating online. 

Over the past few weeks, we've seen a number of rumours about the iPhone 14, from a notch-less screen to a complete redesign, and today we heard about yet another potential update for the 14th iPhone. According to one source, the next model might have an option for 2TB of storage (just think of all the versions of Angry Birds you could download with that amount of space.) If you are looking for a new iPhone but can't wait for the 14 to drop, then check out our best Apple deals.

A render of the iPhone 14.

Could this be what the iPhone 14 will look like? (Image credit: Jon Prosser/RendersbyIan)

Yep, according to GSM Arena, the next Pro instalment of the iPhone series might bring the first 2TB iPhone into existence (the current highest is 1TB). It's suggested that the larger storage will cater for a higher quality camera that might come with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models – you need at least 256GB of storage to consistently shoot videos in 4K after all. 

Elsewhere, TechSpot has recently suggested that the iPhone 14 will see the return of fingerprint scanning, while concept artists have started creating iPhone 14 renders that feature a second screen on the back of the iPhone, which sounds cool (if a little outlandish). We would love to see a radical iPhone redesign like this, but we won't get our hopes up just yet, we know how infrequently Apple likes to change the design (we're looking at you, iPhone 6-11 models with your identical curved edges.) 

A screenshot from an iPhone 14 concept video.

An iPhone back screen would surely open up a whole new world of widgets, customisation and tricks (Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

Reddit users have been expressing their feelings about the rumours, and they're getting some mixed reactions. One user suggested that the iPhone might be the "best iPhone ever," and another dubbed it, "the most pro iPhone." But some were more sceptical of the advances in the iPhone technology, with one Redditor responding to the 2TB rumour as "never gonna happen" and another adding, "Good luck with that."

after_1tb_iphone_13_pro_rumor_says_iphone_14_to from r/iphone
after_1tb_iphone_13_pro_rumor_says_iphone_14_to from r/apple
after_1tb_iphone_13_pro_rumor_says_iphone_14_to from r/iphone

Only time will tell whether the next iPhone will come with all these exciting new updates. In the meantime, we are still getting to grips with all the cool tips and tricks (like the amazing new drag and drop feature) the iPhone 13 can do. If you are thinking about buying an iPhone, make sure you check out our handy iPhone model list.

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