Is this secret iPhone hack the best feature of iOS 15?

iOS 15
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There have been plenty of headline-grabbing features of iOS 15, from enhanced privacy settings to the fact that it works with devices as prehistoric with the iPhone 6S. But one lesser-known feature is currently blowing users' minds.

The update brings drag-and-drop functionality to iPhone, letting users drop content, such as files and photos, between different apps. Yep, it seems one of the most basic desktop features is finally making its way to some of the best camera phones

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First shared by iOS developer Marcos Alonso (above), the feature lets users tap and hold anything from a photo to a URL, open another app and simply drop it in. Previously limited to iPad, the functionality adds a new level of multi-tasking prowess to the iPhone.

Alonso's clip has already amassed nearly 2M views, and it seems most users had no idea the feature even existed. "I think this is the best new feature in iOS 15," one user comments, while another adds, "This is a great and underrated feature!"

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Indeed, perhaps the most confusing thing about this delightfully simple feature is that Apple didn't choose to advertise it more strongly. As one Reddit user says, "They removed 3D Touch because most people didn’t know about it – so why are they constantly adding more invisible features?"

While there may be no obvious logic to which features Apple chooses to place front and centre, there's certainly no shortage of "hidden" hacks that have sent users wild recently. From full-page screenshots to the awesome Back Tap, it's often the least "exciting" features that turn out to be the most useful.

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