Will the iPhone 14 look radically different to the iPhone 13?

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The iPhone 13 has barely been out for a week, and already there are rumours circulating about the design of the iPhone 14. But how different will it look from the 2021 model?

A source has revealed that the iPhone 14 will sport a "complete redesign" next year. While we are uncertain of how the redesign will look exactly, it is said to be getting rid of the infamous notch, and gaining a punch-hole front-facing camera. If you were hoping to get your hands on an iPhone today, then check out our best Apple deals.  

Renders of the iPhone 14.

Jon Prosser supposedly leaked the iPhone 14 designs.  (Image credit: Jon Prosser/ RendersbyIan)

Tech insider Mark Gurman (via Bloomberg) shared his thoughts about what to expect the iPhone 14 to look like, including "new entry-level and Pro models and a complete redesign". We aren't sure whether a "new entry-level" phone will come in the form of an iPhone 14 mini, or another SE-style design – or something new entirely.

While we don't know what this "complete redesign" will look like, we suspect that some big changes will come with the iPhone 14, as the 13 model didn't sport any significant redesigns. As Gurman points out in his article, "the minor changes this year also mean that Apple’s engineers were working behind the scenes on bigger things that will take more time." This could mean the iPhone 14 will sport new features, tech and possibly even a new shape. Perhaps the 14 model will follow in the footsteps of the Apple Watch Series 7, and we will see the first iPhone with an infinity screen (a curved screen that would stretch over the edges of the iPhone.) 

A photo for the Apple Watch Series 7.

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It was just two weeks ago that YouTuber Jon Prosser supposedly leaked the design of the iPhone 14. Prosser said that the 14 design would be notchless and feature a punch-hole camera, which aligns with Gurman's thoughts. Prosser also said the 14 model would also have flat cameras, juxtaposing the iPhone 13's very bulky camera set up. Prosser's predictions aren't always accurate, so we will have to wait and see what Apple has in store for us.

Fans have responded to the 'leaked' information in true internet fashion, with users flooding social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit with their thoughts on what form the "complete redesign" will take. One Twitter user tweeted, "Damn, we just got the 13. Can we enjoy it before the new one comes out?" and another said that Apple better be "getting rid of the square design and return to the curvy design" Other internet users shared some hilarious thoughts about how the future iPhones will look. 

report_iphone_14_pro_models_to_feature_tougher from r/apple
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We will have to wait another year to see what updates and features the iPhone 14 will bring. But in the meantime, why not catch up on the Apple Event that saw the arrival of the iPhone 13, two new iPads and a new Apple Watch. Or check out our info on what to expect with the upcoming Apple Black Friday deals

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