Apple's rumoured iPad Pro redesign is making our heads spin

iPad Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

In many ways, the design of the iPad hasn't changed a huge amount since it first appeared in 2010. Of course, bezels have shrunk and new accessories like the Apple Pencil have massively increased functionality. But the most significant change yet could be on the horizon.

The placement of elements such as the logo and camera setup suggest that, like the iPhone, the iPad is arguably a portrait device that can also be used in landscape mode. But a new report suggests landscape could soon become the default. (In the market for new kit? Check out the best Apple deals.)

The iPad Mini and the Apple Pencil Generation 2 being used.

Could landscape soon be the default? (Image credit: Apple)

According to Twitter user @dylandkt (as spotted by MacRumors), a future version of the iPad Pro could feature a landscape Apple logo on the back of the device (basically rotated 90 degrees), as well as a camera setup on the longer side of the device, rather than the shorter.

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While spinning the logo and moving the camera might not sound like hugely significant design changes, they could completely transform the orientation of the device, essentially changing what constitutes the 'top' of the tablet. And with Apple touting the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement for a long time now, we wouldn't be surprised to see it go full landscape. Indeed, the logo on the boot screen is already landscape, so it wouldn't be a stretch to see the physical version follow suit.

And there could be other design repercussions – if the camera setup moves to the side (or is that top?) of the tablet, will the Apple Pencil have to move to accommodate it? And does this mean the charging port will sit on the side of the device rather than the bottom? Our heads are spinning.

iPad Pro 11-inch 2021 with Magic keyboard and apple pencil

Is the iPad Pro about to look even more like a MacBook? (Image credit: Ben Brady)

One thing's for sure – an iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard with a landscape logo is going to look even more like a MacBook than ever. And if we get the rumoured 16-inch version, it might soon be hard to tell the two devices apart.

Time will tell if Apple is really planning a logo revolution (a 90 degree one, at least), but if you don't fancy waiting to find out, the 2021 M1 Pro is already pretty, er, revolutionary. Check out today's best deals, and be sure to take a look at the best drawing tablet deals.

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