Here's why everyone's talking about the iPhone 14

A render of 5 iPhone 14 designs.
(Image credit: Jon Prosser/RendersbyIan)

The highly anticipated iPhone 13 is expected to be announced in just a number of days, but already, the iPhone 14 is taking centre stage, with supposed leaks of the potential design surfacing online. 

The iPhone 14 is rumoured to sport a sleeker design without the one controversial feature that fans have been begging Apple to get rid of — the notch. The leaked renders also feature flat camera lenses, rounded volume buttons and squared-off flat edges, similar to the iPhone 4. If you can't wait for the iPhone 13 (let alone 14) then check out our list of the best Apple deals available. 

The iPhone 14 designs have been leaked by tech YouTuber Jon Prosser. Prosser claims to have sourced images of the initial design from an inside source, which were used by 3D artist Ian Zelbo, as a reference. The YouTuber released a number of photos as well as an AR version of the iPhone, so users can fully immerse themselves in the design. 

If we are being totally honest, they look stunning. The colours, the flat edges, the cameras and the end of that damned notch seem far too good to be true. After enduring the unsatisfying aesthetic of the notch for years and frequently expressing our distaste for it, will we finally be able to wave it goodbye? Prosser also suggested that while his source had no information about the internals of the phone, there is a potential for the camera to feature a periscope lens — which we are very excited about

A render of the iPhone 14 in green.

We love the iPhone 14 in a dark turquoise colour. (Image credit: Jon Prosser/RendersbyIan)

The iPhone 14 compared to the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 14 is rumoured to be quite similar to the iPhone 4. (Image credit: Jon Prosser/RendersbyIan)

After Prosser released his video, the iPhone 14 started trending on Twitter, and of course, it's lead to a number of very funny iPhone related tweets. Although, it seems that a lot of users are worried about the wellbeing of their older iPhone models with all these new ones on the horizon. 

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While we would love to believe that these updates are all on the way, these are only renders based on rumours. We will have to wait and see what the iPhone 13 has in store us before we start speculating too much about the iPhone 14. If you're wondering what to expect with Apple's upcoming smartphone, then check out our round-up of all the current iPhone 13 rumours and predictions.

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