Kickstart your creativity with these inspiring design guides


Sometimes you can be so bowled over by a piece of design that you can't help but look at it and wonder 'how did they do that?' If you've ever experienced that sensation with magazines, you're in luck. Australian design and brand studio DAMS have pulled together a whopping set of Flickr albums stuffed with detailed photos of outstanding magazine brand guidelines.

The Carat brand guidelines book is a vibrant spectrum of print inspiration

Filled with more than just pithy mission statements and logo designs printed on quality paper, these albums track the development of brand identities and provide invaluable creative insights.

Idean No. 285 is filled with eye-catching mixed media designs

Spread over 119 albums, each containing dozens of hi-res images, the DAMS collection is a rich seam of rich magazine design goodness that any creative director would be wise to bookmark for future reference.

Sterile portraits are the hallmarks of Rineke Djikstra's photography gallery

With a variety of brand guidelines contained in their albums, including the likes of the Open University, The Royal Mint and Marc Quinn, this extensive collection is the perfect resource to dip into once in a while if you're looking for a creative boost or a bit of inspiration.