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Amazon Prime Day deals live blog: unmissable Cricut deals are still live!

Amazon Prime Day is over but the best Cricut machines are still being discounted, we've gathered them here.

Cricut machine product shot
(Image: © Future/Cricut)

Our Amazon sale Cricut live blog is now closed as, sadly, the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale has ended. However, many of the deals on the best Cricut machines continue, as do the offers on the best Cricut alternatives, such as Silhouette's Cameo 4 machines.

Below we've kept refreshing the best offers available now, as many of these deals are happening off Amazon – Cricut itself has some good discounts on its own site and if you're in the US Best Buy continues to discount. We won't be updating live but the deals are still running.

If you need to know more about these digital craft cutters then take a look at our guide to the best Cricut machines and the The best Silhouette machines. Scroll down for the offers still available right now.

Best Cricut Amazon deals:US

Best Cricut Amazon deals: UK

Best Cricut Alternatives Amazon deals:US


Cricut machine on table surrounded by lots of materials

(Image credit: Cricut)

Hello! It's Kerrie here, CB editor, bringing you all the best Cricut deals Amazon (and others) have to offer. Great news is the Amazon sale has plenty of excellent offers, more so in the UK than the US right now, but that could all change over the next 48 hours. 

Kicking things off, we've got this Amazon UK deal, which knocks the super-popular original Cricut machine down to £254, saving over £46 on the RRP. We can't find this for less than £299 elsewhere in the UK, so if this is the model you're after, grab one before they're gone. 

Cricut explore 3 review

(Image credit: Rachael Phillips)

The Cricut Explore 3 has had a rather delightful price cut, bringing it down 18% to just £246 (close to the lowest price we've seen on this amazing machine). We love this machine, deeming it perfect for crafters who want power without a large price tag (and that's especially true today). It cuts over 100 materials, it can use Smart Materials and it cuts twice as fast as the Explore 2. Win.

See our Cricut Explore 3 review here if you want to know more. 

Amazon Prime Deals; a photo of a Cricut Explore Air 2 on a table

(Image credit: Cricut)

The Cricut Explore Air 2 may be an older model, but it's still a capable craft cutting machine. Over at the official Cricut store you can get £50 off – making the Cricut Explore Air 2 £199.99, which is a decent offer.

It can cut over 100 materials, including cardstock, vinyl and iron-on materials as well as glitter paper, cork and fabrics. If you're looking to get into Cricuts and start making gifts for the holidays, the Explore Air 2 is good model.

Amazon Prime Deals; a photo of the Hat Press

(Image credit: Cricut)

Cricut Hat Press has a modest £16 off at Amazon, making it £118.99. This is the newest heat press device from Cricut, designed for creating designer caps and hats. It comes with a unique hat pressing form to create perfect caps. This is the ideal gadget for creating gifts for this holiday season or starting a new line of products for your craft business.

Someone feeds material into a Cricut Maker 3.

(Image credit: Cricut )

There's a £70 saving on the latest and best Cricut machine, the Maker 3, over at Craft Stash right now. This is the brand's leading craft machine and can cut over 300 materials from fabrics to vinyl and even woods and metals. The Cricut Maker 3 usually retails for £429.99 (though Craft Stash has sold it for £399.99 in the past) and has dropped to £359.99. 

A closed Cricut Joy on a white background

(Image credit: Cricut)

The portable Cricut Joy is often hard to find a deal on as it's a very popular little craft cutter but… we've found a £31 saving at Craft Stash, get the Cricut Joy for £148.99, reduced from £179.99.

Read our Cricut Joy review to discover more about this mobile craft cutting machine, including why it's an ideal companion to the Cricut Mug Press.

If you already have a Cricut machine then the next step is to begin picking up some Cricut accessories to extend the use of your craft cutter, or keep it and your tools clean and safe. Below I've found the best Cricut accessories on sale today, with up to 54% off in one case. Take a look:

Amazon Prime deals; a photo of the Cricut Maker

(Image credit: Cricut)

Morning US readers! We've been here a while gathering some great deals for you (and our UK folks) and you're lucky – one of the best offers today is only available in the US at Cricut online store. Save a massive $150 on a Cricut Maker, now just $249.99.

There are some good savings on the entry level Cricut Explore Air 3 right now. This is Cricut's medium-powered machine that can cut 100+ materials, including vinyl, iron-on materials, fabrics, and even wood. Below I've gathered three standout deals today, one price drop and two bundle offers only available at Cricut's US store.

Cricut Maker 3 bundle deal

(Image credit: Cricut)

Cricut's bundle deals are a great way to get started in craft cutting. Right now readers can save $238.87 / £224.87 on a Maker 3 Everything Materials bundle. Now $668.86 $429.99 / £654.86 £429.99, this contains the Cricut Maker 3 and 5 Smart Vinyl packs, 3 Smart Iron-On packs, Smart Paper sticker card stock, the Multi Pen Set, Essential Tool Set and the Basic Tool Set. That's everything you need to get started!

• US offer: Maker 3 Everything Materials bundle for $429.99

• UK offer: Maker 3 Everything Materials bundle for £429.99

Amazon Prime deals; Cricut Joy

(Image credit: Cricut)

US Cricut deal hunters can grab some excellent Cricut Joy bargains this Amazon Prime deals day, with a number of bundles and offers on Cricut's amazing portable craft cutting machine. Take a look below at the best offers:

• Cricut Joy: $179 $129.00 – a 28% saving
• Cricut Joy Starter Bundle: $202.98 $140.98 – $62 off
• Cricut Joy Vinyl Bundle: $258.92 $172.12 – a 32% saving

Let's have a quick round up of the best Cricut heat press offers you can find today. If you're in the US then there are great deals over at Best Buy and at the official Cricut online store. Take a look below at our favourites:

Amazon Prime Deals; Explore Air 2

(Image credit: Cricut)

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is reduced to $179 from $199 at every retailer today, it's a wide-spread offer (and a good one for a solid entry-level craft cutter). To try and nudge ahead and stand out from the crowd Walmart is now offering a free $30 voucher to claim supporting digital content. Click the link below for the deal:

• Cricut Explore Air 2 Daybreak Machine + $30 Digital Content: $199 $179

Got a Cricut? Then you'll be looking to pick up some of the best Cricut blades for your new craft cutting. Below we've gather three good deals on some of the more interesting blades for Makers and Explores. Take a look:

Cricut Joy

(Image credit: Cricut)

The Cricut Joy is a super portable little crafting machine – perfect for taking out if you need to work live at events. And right now, an Amazon Cricut deal can save you almost a third off the price. Get $50 off the Cricut Joy at Amazon – reduced from $179 to $129.

Amazon Prime Deals; Cricut Joy

(Image credit: Cricut)

Cricut Joy is fast becoming Amazon Early Prime Day's most sought after gadget – the US Amazon store still has a few on sale but UK Amazon has sold out. But don't worry – there's actually a cheaper deal over at CraftStash, where you can get a Cricut Joy for £148.99 (a £31 saving).

The superb Cricut EasyPress 3 is the brand's latest heat press. This one uses Bluetooth tech to connect to the new Heat Press App meaning everything is simpler, quicker and more consistent than ever before. You need to shop around to get the best deals on the different sizes, but we've put them below for you.

Amazon Prime Deals; Cricut Maker 3

(Image credit: Cricut)

Cricut Maker 3 is the brand's leading craft cutting machine, capable of cutting and using over 300 materials from paper and card to wood and metal. Our Cricut Maker 3 review goes into detail on what this cutting-edge machine can do. Deals have come and gone today, the best one right now is at Amazon where you can save £50 on a Cricut Maker 3 and get one for £379.99.

Amazon Prime Deals; Cricut Joy bundle

(Image credit: Cricut)

While everyone is fighting over the limited Cricut Joy deals – our pick is the £179.99 £148.99 offer at CraftStash – a real bargain is the Cricut Joy Essentials Bundle found at the Cricut online store. You can get a Cricut Joy and materials for £242.93 £189.99 and comes bundled with everything below:

Amazon Prime Deals; Mug Press

(Image credit: Cricut)

If you're looking for a craft machine to make this year's holiday gifts for friends and family then Cricut Mug Press comes highly recommended - read our Mug Press review for more details. This new heat press enables you to create and print original mug designs - it's reduced today on Amazon where you can get a Cricut Mug Press for £195 £179.

Amazon Prime deals; Cameo 4

(Image credit: Silhouette of America)

While we've been focusing on Cricut here it's worth noting there's one good deal on a Cricut alternative, the Silhouette Cameo 4 in Black is £323.99 at CraftStash right now. This generally sells for £350 (though the site has a previous price of £394.99). 

The Cameo 4 is an excellent machine on par with Cricut, though this entry model is smaller than Cricut Maker 3. Read our best Silhouette machines guide for more details.

Have you picked up a new Cricut cutting machine this Amazon Prime Deals day? Then you'll need a new blade or accessory to take your crafting to another level. We've picked three of our favourite blade offers available now, see below:

Amazon Prime Deals; ScanNCut

(Image credit: Brother)

We're going to sneak in another Cricut alternative offer that popped onto our craftdar (ahem) that knocks £100 off the price of a Brother ScanNCut SDX1200, making it £698.99 £598.99. 

If you're looking for a state-of-the-art craft cutter that does everything then this is for you; it features a built-in scanner and onboard CPU and LCD touchscreen for creating your designs inside the machine. Read our Brother ScanNCut SDX2200D review for more details.

There are discounts on Cricut's own tote bags for the Cricut EasyPress 2. This is the older model of the brand's heat press machine so if you have one of these excellent devices – read our EasyPress 2 review – you should invest in a storage bag to keep your device safe and clean.

Amazon Prime deals; a photo of the Cricut Maker

(Image credit: Cricut)

Welcome to our US friends who are waking up, rubbing their eyes and searching for a good Cricut deal. One of the best around remains the $150 price drop for the original Cricut Maker in Champagne at the Cricut online store. 

Get the Cricut maker for $399.99 $249.99 today and save big. This is the older model of the brand's leading craft machine but it's still a powerful device (essentially it can do everything a Maker 3 can aside from working with Smart Materials). For the price, this is a great deal and a perfect introduction to Cricut.

Amazon Prime deals; explore 3

(Image credit: Cricut)

There's a 13% saving on Cricut Explore 3 right now, get one for $319 $279. This is an excellent machine and makes use of Cricut's latest Smart Material tech and newest accessories.

If you're starting out with Cricut and want a good entry-level machine the Cricut Explore 3 is an excellent model. It works in the same way as the more costly Maker 3 – and can use Smart Materials – but it's limited to just over 100 materials (Maker and Maker 3 can use 300+). Which makes Explore 3 an excellent beginner machine.

Read our best Cricut machines guide for details on the Explore 3.

Amazon Prime deals; cricut mystery box

(Image credit: Cricut)

Cricut's Aloha Mystery Box is reduced by $73.41, get it now for $133.40 $59.99. What is it? Who knows, it's a mystery. Seriously, Cricut won't say. We'd guess at a box of selected cutting materials, accessories, and digital image sets. 

This Aloha mystery box was more expensive than the usual ones, before the discount, so we're intrigued. There's only one per customer and it's only available to US and Canadian customers. And they're limited, so when it's gone, it's gone.

Amazon Prime Deals; Cricut bundle

(Image credit: Cricut)

Cricut has a number of excellent bundle deals on its online store right now, and these are a great way to buy a new machine and get crafting immediately and save money.

You can save $101.93 right now on a bundle that contains the latest Cricut Maker 3, Smart Materials and the Tools Pastel Variety Bundle, get it for $581.92 $479.99.

• Cricut Maker 3 worth $429.99
• Smart Vinyl Permanent, Ocean 12 ft
• Transfer Tape, 12 ft
• Smart Iron-On, Black 13in x 3ft 
• Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock, Pastels
• Gel Pen Set, Urban Rainbow
• Essential Tool Set

Amazon Prime Deals; floor lamp

(Image credit: Cricut)

You crafting room isn't complete without a powerful lamp to disperse shadows and make sewing and cutting easier and more restful. Right now there's $50 off the Cricut Bright 360, Ultimate LED Floor Lamp – now $249.99 $199.99. This features an adjustable brightness up to 3000 lux, and offers a cool colour temperature mode for relaxation.

Cricut also has $50 off its Cricut Bright 360, Ultimate LED Table Lamp – now $199.99 $149.99. This table option has an adjustable brightness up to 1500 lux. Both floor and desk lamps come in a choice of colours - white or indigo.

Amazon Prime Deals; brightpad Go

(Image credit: Cricut)

You can now save on Cricut's leading light pads. The wireless Cricut Brightpad Go has $20 off – it's now $99.99 $79.99. While the wired version, the Cricut Brightpad is $59.99 $49.99 – a $10 saving. 

Both are excellent light pads, used for tracing, designing and sewing when you need to see your marks in detail. They make it into our best lightbox guide for tracing, have a read if you need to learn a little more before buying.

Amazon Prime Deal; Cricut Joy writer bundle

(Image credit: Cricut)

Cricut Joy is flying right now during this Amazon Prime deals day, and some of the best offers come with the mix of bundles you can find for this mobile cutting machine (it's about the size of a toaster and can cut 50+ materials).

There's $86.80 off the Cricut Joy Vinyl Bundle – get it for $258.92 $172.12. This includes the Cricut Joy machine, various Vinyl rolls, Smart Label Writable Paper, a mix of Pen Sets, and a Replacement Blade.

If you just want the Cricut Joy, the best deal around is Amazon's $179 $129, which takes $50 off the RRP for this portable cutter.

Well, that's your lot! The sales are officially over for now and we hope you managed to pick up a Cricut bargain or two. If you want to know more about these craft machines, read our best Cricut machines buying guide – this includes the current best prices. We have a similar guide to the best Cricut accessories, too.

Most of our deal picks are still active, so there's still time. Below are the best offers still available on. Cricut machines: 

US Cricut deals
Cricut Maker 3: $429.99 $379.99
Cricut Joy: $169 $129
Cricut Maker: $399.99 $249.99
Cricut Explore 3: $319.99 $279.99
Cricut Explore Air 2: $249.99 $179.99

UK Cricut deals
Cricut Maker 3: £429.99 £379.90
Cricut Explore 3: £299.99 £246
Cricut Joy: £179.99 £148.99
Cricut Explore Air 2: £259.99 £199.99

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