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New talent 2017: Best graduates outside London

Lucy Watkins

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  • University: Glasgow School of Art
  • Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design
  • Project: Careful Engagement 150

Careful Engagement150 is a collection of poetry and illustrations that aims to elevate the human traces hidden within the Report of the Iraq Inquiry. “Over 2.6 million words of political jargon make for an incredibly difficult read for anyone mildly interested in the workings behind the Iraq War,” she explains. 

Using various methods of investigation, Watkins was able to surface elements of delicate human nature from the report, and a poetic language developed. “The intention is to challenge preconceptions that the document contains little feeling or emotion, and to create an uncomfortable dichotomy between poetry and politics,” she adds.

Amir Saidani

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  • University: Glasgow School of Art
  • Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design
  • Project: Micronation

“We live in a world in which our borders and how we exist within those borders are constantly being brought into question – Scottish Independence, Brexit, Donald Trump to name but a few,” says Amir Saidani. “In response to these hardening borders, I decided to define my own.”

He wrote to Theresa May and declared independence for the Republic of Maktaal’amra, a micronation located at his desk space at GSA. “The project exists as a satirical, yet honest lens refracting current events through my perception. Through that process, I’ve added a little bit of my personality to them.”

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Julia Sagar
Julia Sagar is currently e-commerce editor for Creative Bloq and Digital Camera World. Prior to this, she was acting editor of Creative Bloq, having previously spent many years as deputy editor of design title Computer Arts magazine. She was also part of the team that launched consumer technology website TechRadar. She's been writing about art, design and technology for nearly 15 years.