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HUGE 57% off Samsung T5 SSD external hard drive, in unmissable Black Friday deal

Black Friday external hard drive deals
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This 57% off the Samsung T5 500GB SSD is the best Black Friday external hard drive deal that we've seen so far. And because it ticks all the boxes (trustworthy brand and a massive £101 saving), it's the stand out external hard drive deal of the moment.

We're biased, of course. We've long thought the Samsung T5 series of external hard drives were one of the best around. So to see the Samsung T5 500GB SSD at over half price, down from £178 to just £77, is worth shouting about. 

Below, we've also put together some other great savings across the T5 range, with the 1TB and 2TB models receiving good price cuts. If you're on the look out for a secure, safe, and very fast external hard drive, we advise you take advantage of these deals now. 

We're also collating the very best of all brands when it comes to Black Friday external hard drive deals, so be sure to bookmark that too. And if you're looking for more options, see our list of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Black Friday external hard drive deals: UK

The best BF external hard drive deal

Samsung T5, 500GB SDD: £178.74 £77.01 at Amazon
Save £101.73:
This 500GB hard drive is a solid state drive (SSD), which means it's really fast when it comes to transferring data. It usually also means it's really expensive, too, but at half price, with £86 taken off the price, it's a bargain.  The compact and light drive is perfect for getting hold of digital data quickly.
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Samsung T5, 1TB SSD: £189.99 £135 at Amazon
Save £55:
If you want to double up the storage space to 1TB, but keep the speed of the SSD, this is a great deal. Knocking 27% off the price, it'll be perfect for when you need to access big media files quickly.
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Samsung T5, 2TB SSD: £370 £285.80 at Amazon
Save £84:
There's a reason the Samsung T5 was given the second spot in our ranking of the best external hard drives and SSDs. It offers speedy performance and is small and portable. This is the max storage size, at 2TB, and comes with a nice £84 off!
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Black Friday external hard drive deals: US

Western Digital 4TB: $149.99 $98.99 at Office Depot
Save $51:
This is a huge external hard drive, at a super reasonable price. It's the best Black Friday Office Depot deal that we've seen right now, and perfect for anyone who wants a secure place to put all their digital work and media in.
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Seagate 2TB UltraTouch: $110 $85 at Walmart
Save $32:
If you're looking for a traditional hard drive (not a SSD), with loads of space, at a super affordable price, and with a tactile, stylish finish, this is the deal for you. 2TB backup space means you can house all your data and media in this ultra stylish Seagate drive.
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Not what you wanted? Here are some other external hard drive options that might suit you... 

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