Spotify Wrapped is a design nightmare

The promotional image for Spotify wrapped for 2021
(Image credit: Spotify)

Spotify Wrapped is every music geek's favourite time of the year. But it seems as though the internet has noticed something a little off about this year's wrapped celebrations – and now we can't unsee it.

With exciting graphics and an insight into your music habits, Spotify Wrapped is when everyone overshares their listening stats with vibrant pre-made designs made by Spotify. We love the colourful, playful designs on Spotify Wrapped, especially the musical animations, as they really make all the stats so much more exciting. However, users over on Reddit have pointed out that the font used for this year's genre graphics looks totally bizarre. In fact, when we first saw them, we thought they were a glitch they were that bad. Looking for some fonts for your own project? Make sure you check out our roundup of the best free fonts

Screenshots of Spotify wrapped.

Anyone else struggling to read these? (Image credit: Spotify)

While the text is barely even legible, we can't decide whether using the font was a stroke of genius, because so many people are now talking about it. One user on Reddit suggested that the font was part of an optical illusion, because if you tilt your phone backwards and look at the text from the bottom of the phone, it actually looks normal. Some others also theorise that Spotify purposely chose an awful font on purpose to get people talking...and we guess it worked. 

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more illegible, user Acendus shared the same graphic in Cryllic and it is even worse than the English version (see below). One Redditor responded to this particular graphic with, "Can't believe they went with this" – and we totally agree. 

Spotify Wrapped in a different language.

Our eyes, our eyes (Image credit: Spotify)

Not everyone disliked it though, one Redditor responded to the post, "We're so minimalist and straight-up boring right now, that I'll take anything that's actively and deliberately ugly," and another said, "It's refreshing to see something out of the norm". However, the majority were on our side and were seriously confused by this choice of typeface. 

why_spotify_why from r/graphic_design
why_spotify_why from r/graphic_design
why_spotify_why from r/graphic_design

We aren't sure why Spotify would have chosen such an eyesore of a font, but we know that you can avoid doing the same thing by checking out our guide on font pairings. We also have a super handy roundup of the best places to download free fonts

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