Tesla’s new Cyberquad sells out immediately, and we have so many questions

Tesla Cyberquad.
(Image credit: Tesla)

The last thing the world needed this December was a Quad bike designed by Tesla for children. Alas, let us introduce you to the Cyberquad – Elon Musk's latest Tesla product (and its totally mind-boggling typeface). 

The Cyberquad based on the Cybertruck, with its angular design and futuristic look, was released into the wild yesterday. The Cyberquad is priced at $1900, and if you were hoping to treat your little one to their very own Tesla vehicle this Christmas, then we're sorry to let you know that the Cyberquad has unbelievably already sold out. Not all hope is lost though, if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift then make sure you check out our roundup of the best Lego deals. 

`The Cyberquad.

The Cyberquad is based on the Cybertruck design (Image credit: Tesla)

According to the Tesla website, the Cyberquad features a full steel frame, cushioned seat, adjustable suspension and even LED light bars. The quad apparently can travel up to speeds of 10mph and even has a reverse setting. We presume that the Cyberquad is a replica of the full-size quad bike featured on Tesla's official Cybertruck page that slots nicely into the back of the Cybertruck. And as much as we think the Cyberquad is a little unnecessary, we know that our 10-yr-old selves would have begged our parents for one for Christmas. 

One thing that stood out to us from Tesla's promotional video was the typeface it used. At the end of the action-packed video, a graffiti font sprawled across the screen appears, and we're sorry Mr Musk, but we are not keen at all. The text is barely even legible, especially around the letters Q and U. Not to mention the C that actually looks like a less-than sign. Tesla really should've had a look at our roundup of the best free graffiti fonts.  

The Cyberquad

This hurts our eyes (Image credit: Tesla)

It seems as though the internet is actually pretty keen on the Tesla Cyberquad, and many have responded to Tesla tweets about the quad bike with compliments, and expressing their excitement for the vehicle. One user responded, "Hopefully for adults soon too," and another simply replied, "I'm so excited". On the other hand, one user tweeted, "This is a glorified overpriced power wheel," and another said, "Does the designer hate curves?".

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While we doubt we will be getting our hands on the Cyberquad anytime soon, we can always rely on Tesla for announcing some seriously random products, like the Tesla bot. If you missed out on the Cyberquad sale but are still hoping to get your hands on some tech for Christmas, then make sure you check out our list of the best games consoles or perhaps check out the best Apple deals

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