This $264 Switch OLED deal is still live - but there’s a small catch

Nintendo Switch OLED deal
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Memorial Day may have finished yesterday, but our favourite Switch OLED deal lives on! We're seeing some epic deals on gaming and electronics including this too-good-to-be-true deal on the Nintendo Switch OLED model for only $264 at Walmart. That's right. You can save $85.99 on the usual retail price of $349.99, but what's the catch? 

We've been researching this deal, and it's such a bargain because the console seems to be a Japanese import. What this means (at least according to Walmart reviews) is that you'll receive a Japanese Box, Japanese instructions, and a Japanese edition OLED console, but everything else is the same. You'll need to change the language to English (or your language of choice) but this is extremely easy to do. 

Nintendo Switch OLED (Japanese): $264 at Walmart
Save $85.99:

Nintendo Switch OLED (Japanese): $264 at Walmart
Save $85.99:
The only aesthetic difference in this console is it apparently has a slightly smaller screen than the American/European console edition (although the Walmart specs state that the display is still 7 inches). 

Power accessories are included, which is a little vague, but this should mean that you won't need to purchase any extra adapters, and Nintendo Switch consoles aren't region-locked, so there should be no issues accessing the eShop to download games either.

Price check: Best Buy: $349.99 | Amazon: $337.15

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