This bizarre soundproof microphone has the internet screaming

A shot of a man wearing the Mutalk microphone whilst winking at the camera
(Image credit: Mutalk)

Bizarre product designs are something we love here at Creative Bloq – and tech doesn't get more bizarre looking that this soundproof microphone developed by Shiftall.

But what does this frankly odd looking microphone actually do? It straps onto your face much like a VR headset and utilises 'sound-deadening' technology to virtually silence your output whilst muffling any external noise. However, the web has very quickly caught on to just how weird this bit of tech looks, and the internet never fails to embrace weird branding concepts with their quick wit as we've seen in these everyday product design fails.

An image of a man wearing the Mutalk microphone sat in a colourful gaming setup

(Image credit: Mutalk)

Picture it – you're up late in the night with your housemates sleeping next door and fancy a late night gaming sesh with your online buddies, but don't want to wake up the whole house. Simply get strapped up into your Mutalk soundproof microphone and the problem is sorted.

Shiftall claim this microphone will lower louder frequencies such as a raised voice by as much as -30 decibels. For non-audiophiles, that's quite a lot. It connects wirelessly to your main device like any other Bluetooth mic, and it also has a 3.5mm jack to attach your headphones. 

There do seem to be some practical advantages to this unique microphone. Maybe you're taking important virtual meetings in a public space like a café and don't want everyone listening in. Simply equip the Mutalk mic and you're good to go – but we will admit it's hard to imagine anyone actually wearing this in public. Equally there seems to be a lot of product shots that feature the user wearing both the microphone and the VR at once, and it certainly doesn't look the most comfortable. If you're looking to get into VR gaming, take a look at our guide to the best VR headsets for some inspiration.

An image of a man wearing the Mutalk microphone and a VR headset on a white background

(Image credit: Mutalk)

Of course, we do need to address just how... odd it looks. Many people online are amused by the kinky design and have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts. "Oh they are making gamer kink gear now" one user points out, whilst another proudly points out that this releases "just in time for Valentines day!".

Whatever your thoughts we can't argue that there's a great idea with plenty of possibilities, but maybe some more time in the design room would have been a good shout. 

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Abi Le Guilcher
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Abi Le Guilcher is Creative Bloq’s Ecommerce Writer. With a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Design for Game and Film, Abi enjoys almost anything creative and will either be found crafting or gaming in her spare time. Her previous experience as a retail assistant at CeX means she has a wide range of knowledge in both technology and media and loves to keep up to date with the latest tech. Abi is an avid cosplayer and has most recently worked with PlayStation and Santa Monica Studio on a promotional campaign for the release of God of War Ragnarök.