This incredible Netflix parody site brings fake movies to life

(Image credit: Nestflix)

We all know the feeling of endlessly browsing Netflix trying to find something to watch. A new site has taken this one step further by featuring, entirely, shows and movies that are impossible to watch.

This is because they’re not actually real – they’re the fictional TV shows and movies featured within famous TV shows and movies. They’re “nested” fiction if you will – hence the name of the site, “Nestflix”, and the logo that’s clearly inspired by Russian nesting dolls. In all other respects, it's almost eerily identical to the interface of popular streaming services like Disney+.

The site was created by web designer Lynn Fisher, and it makes for a surprisingly addictive browse. It lets you lose yourself in listings for the likes of Horsin’ Around, The Itchy and Scratchy Movie and The Rick Dalton Collection. These are, of course, from BoJack Horseman, The Simpsons and Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, respectively.


Also listed is BoJack's ill-fated magnum opus, Secretariat. (Image credit: Nestflix)

Twitter users have fallen in love with the site, as a glance at the creator's replies will attest to:

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The attention to detail in the design is really on point; it looks and feels pretty much exactly like browsing Netflix, with synopses, cast lists and stills for each of the featured titles. Fisher took the time to add a working search function, genre sections and a contribute page where viewers can submit their own suggestions for shows to add. There are more than 400 titles on there already!


One of the genre sections on Nestflix. We're especially glad to see the Lucas Lee collection from Scott Pilgrim! (Image credit: Nestflix)

Fisher has some criteria for what can and can’t be added to the site. The shows and films have to be fictional, of course, and have to be shown in actual footage, not just glimpsed in an on-screen poster. Submissions also can’t be fictional news or morning chat shows – though Fisher says this might change in the future. 


Never give up! Never surrender! (Image credit: Nestflix)

We do take issue with the fact that Fisher has included the short film A Burns for All Seasons, which famously was met with cries of boo(urns) at the Springfield Film Festival, but has not yet added Hans Moleman’s visionary entry to the same festival, Man Getting Hit by Football

But otherwise, Nestflix is a fun bit of web design that you can lose yourself in browsing for a while. We’ll be dreaming of a world where Joey Tribbiani's Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E., Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season and the Galaxy Quest TV show were really made.

If you're inspired by this chic bit of web design and fancy making a site of your own, check out our guide to 25 top-class website templates for a great place to start. 

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