Tinder offers free tattoos to cover up your ex's name

Sign for Tinder's new Ink Twice ad campaign
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Tinder has teamed up with London-based tattoo studio Sixty Ink to help prospective daters cover up their tattoo tragedies from failed flings. The campaign titled 'Ink Twice' is part of a limited-time pop-up promotion, which will allow users to get free cover-up tattoos in order to extinguish the memory of old flames (or at least get rid of their name on your arm).

The tattoo studio takeover will take place between 11th-13th October with limited spaces available. So those wanting to break up with old ink will have to act soon – I mean it's not every day that you get to fix your tattoo regrets for free, right? (If you're after some more ink inspiration, check out our collection of the best tattoo designs). 

Tattooed couple holding hands

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Teaming up with one of the selected artists at Sixty Ink, the lucky singleton will get to design a bespoke tattoo cover up to replace their old ink. From the dreaded name tattoo to statement symbols of bygone love, the campaign gives Tinder users a fresh start in the dating world – and more importantly, some fancy new ink to flaunt. 

"Tattoos are often a way for people to express their personality, denoting significant life moments, as well as displaying their love for someone," says the Tinder team on the Ink Twice website. "But, while relationships might not last forever, tattoos certainly do," the brand adds. The campaign allows singles "the opportunity to give their now unloved tattoo a makeover – covering up the art that reminds them of an ex-flame."

Close up of someone getting tattooed

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Getting regretful ink is an increasing trend in the tattoo world, according to Sixty Ink's lead artist Claudio Traina. "We’ve seen many couples come into our salon to get matching tattoos with their significant other only to break up,” the artist said in a conversation with HypeBae. With the help of the campaign: "Let’s cover up the past and start a new inked-up chapter in your dating journey,” the artist adds. 

While we've never seen an ad campaign quite like this, it's great to see Tinder branching out with its creative campaigns and putting some good back into the dating world. If you're after some more tattoo stories, check out Austria's free tattoos that get you a year of free travel.  

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