70 best tattoo designs

Getting a tattoo is a big deal. Whether it’s a classic or unique design you simply love or a picture or symbol that marks a meaningful event in your life, bagging the best tattoo design is a long and sometimes difficult process. Here, we’ve pulled together some inspiration that’ll help you choose the tattoo design that’s right for you.

To make things simple, we've split the article into themes: flower tattoos (this page), tribal tattoos, mandala tattoos, dragon tattoos, cross tattoos, skull tattoos, geometric tattoos, anchor tattoos, animal tattoos, and couples' tattoos. (If you'd like a slightly different take, check out these incredible examples of watercolour tattoos, and also see our list of free tattoo fonts).

Each of the categories contains more traditional tattoo designs, as well as quirky original ideas. You can navigate to the section you want using the drop-down menu above. Click on the images to see more of each tattoo artists' work.

01. Rainbow roses tattoo

rose tattoo

By Morag at Purple Rose Tattoo

This rose tattoo steers away from the standard red colouring, marking it as a classic design but with a modern twist. The intricate shading and delicate leaves add to its realistic execution.

02. Monochrome tattoo

monochrome rose tattoo

By Hannah Louise Kyle

This black and white rose tattoo again steers away from the classic red, offering up an elegant black-and-white design. The heavy line work keeps it to a traditional tattoo style.

03. Pink rose tattoo

pink rose tattoo design

By Esme Loasby

The bright colours is what makes this flower tattoo design stand out, especially when you look closely at the clever colour gradient. Adding more than one flower always makes for a special piece.

04. Wildflowers tattoo

wild flowers tattoo

By Esme Loasby

Speaking of choosing more than one type for your flower tattoo, this beautiful botanical creation proves that you can put a lot of elements into one piece and it’ll still work, provided you use a tattoo artist who knows what they're doing.

05. Rose and dagger tattoo

Rose and dagger tattoo

By Tom Butts

If you’re looking for a more traditional design, this rose tattoo could be just the inspiration you’re looking for. The inclusion of the dagger adds an edge and makes it a bold, stand-out piece.

06. Red rose tattoo

red rose tattoo on head

By Sascha Roth

A bolder choice is this rose tattoo design, with clever colour work placed just away from the careful lining. Including so much black might not work for some tattoo designs, or tattooees, but it does here.

07. Geometric peonies tattoo

Geometric peonies tattoo

By Mark Jelliman

The linework on this trio of peonies is crafted with such elegance, it makes a real statement. It just goes to show that keeping things simple can often be the best approach when it comes to tattoo design.

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