70 best tattoo designs

Another popular choice, animal tattoos might honour a beloved pet, serve as a reminder of a great experience, or show part of your personality through your choice of a favourite animal. 

These animal tattoos again vary wildly in style, so if you find an art style that you like, click on the image to go through to the artist's website or Instagram page to see more.

57. Fox tattoo

Fox tattoo

By Lotte Vanns

This simple, hand-poked design is the perfect way to pay tribute to your favourite animal. Because of this fox's long body, placing it around the knee is a great way to show it off. 

58. Greyhounds tattoo

Greyhounds tattoo

By Daemon Rowanchilde

These racing greyhounds are stunning in their own right – thanks mostly to their meticulously drawn anatomy – but by placing them within another design, the whole piece becomes pretty breathtaking.

59. Dinosaur tattoo

Dinosaur tattoo

By Kimsany

The cartoonish colour-blocking on this brachiosaurus makes it truly unique. Complete with intricate line work and the perfect long arm placement, this is one way to get noticed.

60. Elephant tattoo

Elephant tattoo

By Adrián Desgracia

This sketchy design is great if you want to go for a sleeve design with a difference. The surrealist aspect of the elephant is also reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s work. 

61. Whale tattoo

Whale tattoo

By Raphael

Not sure what style to go for in your animal tattoo design? This is one solution: this unique killer whale design combines two different styles in one, with the animal's middle section drawn as shaded scales. 

62. Bird tattoo

Bird tattoo

By Jason Corbett

Pointillism is a beautiful option when it comes to bird tattoo designs. This one, perched just on the shoulder, keeps it simple with minimal detail and colour.

63. Dog tattoo

Dog tattoo

By Ricardo Romero Rios

Lots of people get their best pal tattooed on them. This one, depicting man’s best friend, is a cute way to illustrate your love for your furry friend – and there's a sweet Up reference to boot.

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