70 best tattoo designs

For something a bit different, why not get an interesting tattoo featuring geometric shapes and patterns? They can be as colourful or as big as you like, as these great designs show.

43. Artistic geometric tattoo

Expanded Eye

Expanded Eye is a duo known for its incredible geometric tattoo designs. With splashes of colour, clever shading and breathtaking structure, this is the perfect geometric tattoo design inspiration.

44. Prisms tattoo

Malvina Maria Wisniewska

The great thing about geometric tattoos is they can be formed of simple structures but with a detailed execution. The interweaving line thickness on this design is a great example of that. 

45. Honeycomb tattoo

Miriam Frank

Mixing shapes and colours into your geometric tattoo design can make for a pretty amazing final piece. By adding just the red to this piece, it ensures the design doesn’t go overboard.

46. Golden Ratio tattoo

Michele Volpi

The Golden Ratio describes the perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions and this geometric tattoo design is a gorgeous and clever way to pay tribute to its perfections. 

47. Pared-back geometric tattoo

Sarah Lu

The simplicity of geometric tattoos also means that the hand poking technique can work really well. This simple but effective design puts a different spin on the arrow. 

48. Kaleidoscopic tattoo

Diego Favaretto

If you’re wanting a larger geometric piece, this tattoo is a great example of one that works well when placed on the back. The never-ending detail on this one is particularly impressive.

49. Colourful geometric tattoo

Sasha Unisex

Of course we couldn’t feature geometric tattoo designs without mentioning Sasha Unisex – the tattoo artist who has become renowned across the world for her stunning, colourful geometric work.

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