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70 best tattoo designs

Anchor tattoos are about as traditional as tattoo designs get, and are currently enjoying a retro resurgence. But, as these designs prove, a traditional theme doesn't have to result in a stale old-fashioned design. Click on any image to discover the tattoo artist behind the innovative design.

50. Anchor and heart tattoo

Anchor and heart tattoo

By Patryk Hilton

If you’re after a classic tattoo staple, an anchor design is one of the best options. This traditional style piece is a great way to make a statement.

51. Exotic anchor tattoo

Exotic anchor tattoo

By Sam Ricketts

Anchors can also act as a frame for a tattoo design, with this example proving particularly impressive. By using a simple anchor as your base, you can embellish it to your heart’s content.

52. Anchor and bird tattoo

Anchor and bird tattoo

By Sami Tutch

You can always embellish your anchor tattoo design but in a more subtle, sweet way. This little anchor features cartoonish characters that make it perfect for a cute arm piece.

53. Watercolour anchor tattoo

Watercolour anchor tattoo

By Tracy Burton

If you want a splash of colour on your anchor tattoo design, adding in wave-like watercolour is a great way to include your love of anchors in the sea.

54. Sketchy anchor tattoo

Sketchy anchor tattoo

By Elena Aiello

Continuing the watery theme is this cute anchor tattoo design, which adds splashes of colour in a simple, hand-drawn style. The heart is also perfectly incorporated in the design.

55. Monochrome anchor tattoo

Monochrome anchor tattoo

By Ecke Wunderland

The detail on this tiny anchor tattoo design is so perfectly executed, it almost deserves more space. The inclusion of the paper boat is a delightful touch, finishing off the piece beautifully.

56. Geometric anchor tattoo

Geometric anchor tattoo

By Aracely Ramírez Ponce

If you want the colour to be the main focus of your anchor tattoo design, this watercolour, geometric anchor is a great way to show it off. 

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