70 best tattoo designs

Meaningful and beautiful, cross tattoos also come in a variety of styles. Choose a style that's right for you with these great designs. As before, click on an image you like to go to the artist's website or InDesign page.

29. Botanical cross tattoo

Reny Tattoos

Cross tattoo designs don’t always need to be in a standard, straight line. This example shows that cross tattoos can be moulded with another style to create something really beautiful. 

30. Pretty cross tattoo

Bruno Diego

Another way to amp up a cross tattoo design is with layering. This delicate design incorporates illustrations of love hearts in an elegant and original way, making for a special piece.

31. Symbolic cross tattoo


This clever cross tattoo design references the crucifixion in a minimal but impactful manner. Adding the nails into the design is a great way to do this.

32. Curvy cross tattoo

Kelly Kossuth

Maybe you’re looking for a bolder cross tattoo design and this one from Kelly Kossuth shows how you can be both bold and minimal, thanks to thick line work.

33. Minimal cross tattoo

Tattooist Uzi

If minimal is more your style, this delicate cross tattoo design could be just the inspiration you need. Delicate line work and zero colour can still make an impact.

34. Shaded cross tattoo


This classic cross tattoo design works well thanks to neat shading work and clean, thick lines. It’s a perfect design if you want one placed on your arm.

35. Artistic cross tattoo

Steven Gilliard

If you want to combine your love of being a designer or artist with your cross tattoo, then this clever piece could be right up your street. The dot work makes it pop.

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