70 best tattoo designs

Dragon tattoos might show the world how brave and fiery you are, they might celebrate your cultural heritage, or they might just exist because you think dragons are really cool (you're not wrong). Whatever your reason for wanting a dragon tattoo, check out these designs for inspiration and click on the image to go to the artist's website or Instagram page.

22. Whimsical dragon tattoo

Whimsical dragon tattoo

By Alice Badger

Sometimes, it’s best to look to the world of TV and movies for your tattoo design inspiration. This one featuring Haku from anime classic Spirited Away is a great place to start.

23. Fierce dragon tattoo

Fierce dragon tattoo

By Lydia Bruno

Dragons are also the perfect way to start off a sleeve, thanks to the variety in which they can be presented. This colourful example leaves room all around for more designs.

24. Oriental dragon tattoo

Oriental dragon tattoo

By HH Orlando Tattoo

Speaking of sleeves, this Japanese style dragon tattoo offers colourful inspiration. The detail on the scales is a particularly nice touch, as are the juxtaposing, delicate flowers underneath.

25. Symmetrical dragon tattoo

Symmetrical dragon tattoo

By Joe Fletcher

If you love the idea of a dragon tattoo but you’re wary of getting the whole form tattooed onto, opting for the head could be a great way to show your beast appreciation.

26. Linework dragon tattoo

Linework dragon tattoo

By Heritage Tattoos

A dragon's serpentine body can make it a great option for a head tattoo. This simple, black-and-white linework tattoo design offers elegant inspiration if you’re willing to take the leap.

27. Abstract dragon tattoo

Abstract dragon tattoo

By Dámaris Argüelles Pérez

A more experimental tattoo design could be just the dragon you’re looking for. This puzzle-like piece keeps it modern while also harking back to more traditional tattoo styles.

28. Etchwork dragon tattoo

Etchwork dragon tattoo

By Byron Barker

This etchwork dragon tattoo design harks back to a neo-traditional style of tattooing and works best when placed on the side of the body, allowing lots of detail.

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