70 best tattoo designs

Mandalas are peaceful, spiritual symbols in both the Hindu and Buddhist faiths. With their intricate, nature-inspired patterns, it's no wonder they're a popular choice for tattoos.

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15. Pointillist mandala tattoo

Pointillist mandala tattoo

By Ricky Williams

With its circular shape, placing a Mandala tattoo around the ear is a great way to make impact. The pointillism aspect in this design is stunning.

16. Hidden mandala tattoo

Hidden mandala tattoo

By Ricky Williams

Mandala tattoos come in all sizes and this delicate design could be just the kind of thing you’re after. Sleek, delicate work that gradually moves into darker colour is a special touch.

17. Bold mandala tattoo

Bold mandala tattoo

By Jayne Rogers

The thick lines on this half-Mandala tattoo design make it the perfect way to go if you want to make a statement. Choosing to do a half design is also an option if placed around the ear.

18. Layered mandala tattoo

Layered mandala tattoo

By Niky Brown

Opting for a layering effect on this Mandala tattoo design enables it to take on a more 3D-design effect. Adding some point work really makes this one inspiring. 

19. Colourful mandala tattoo

Colourful mandala tattoo

By Mors Tattoo

Taking on a more classic style, the colour work enables the Mandala tattoo to make more of a statement. Adding colour to the leaf exterior makes for a seamless execution.

20. Shaded mandala tattoo

Shaded mandala tattoo

By Renette Hammer

Mandala tattoos circular shape enable them to be placed almost anywhere, but the chest provides a nice canvas to really show them off. Pointillism is also a great way to add depth and subtlety.

21. Stained glass mandala tattoo

Stained glass mandala tattoo

By Skylar Rose Wasserman

If you’re after a Mandala tattoo design with a more colourful, unexpected twist, you could go for something like this. The stained glass window colour effect allows shades to blend into each other. 

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