70 best tattoo designs

If dragons weren't tough enough for you, how about a skull tattoo? Some of these skull designs are pretty scary, but others are actually really beautiful, and even cute. We're sure they'll all serve to inspire your skull tattoo design.

36. Skull and rose tattoo

Skull and rose tattoo

By Phatt German

Sometimes you want to add a bit more depth to a skull tattoo design. This skull, which has a rose design incorporated into its cap, does this very effectively.

37. Multi-layered skull tattoo

Multi-layered skull tattoo

By Charlotte's Web Tattoos

Another way to incorporate depth into a skull tattoo is this half-dead design, which sees a skull merged with a crying face. The addition of a clock makes it extra creepy.

38. Mexican skull tattoo

Mexican skull tattoo

By Barbie Lowenberg

If you’re wanting something a little less creepy, this cute skull tattoo – complete with floral decoration, in the style of Mexican Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) skull masks and decorations – is the perfect way to show off your love of the dead.

39. Delicate skull tattoo

Delicate skull tattoo

By Uvethekid

Sticking with the floral theme, this skull design offers a more freehand approach, with wavy lines. The difference in line thickness and the dotted shading is what makes it great.

40. Gruesome skull tattoo

Gruesome skull tattoo

By Kelly Violet

If you’re looking for something truly bold, a half-sleeve skull tattoo design is one of the options you could go for. This one, illustrated with medieval weaponry, is jaw-dropping.

41. Baroque skull tattoo

Baroque skull tattoo

By Siren1

Sometimes, two skulls is better than one, and this detail tattoo design effortlessly places them together without looking crowded. It's perfect on the arm.

42. 3D-effect skull tattoo

3D-effect skull tattoo

By Bali Namaste Tattoo Studio

This small skull tattoo takes a different approach when blending two skulls together, giving off a 3D effect with a minimal and cute design, which is perfect for small areas.

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