70 best tattoo designs

These great tattoo designs are all inspired by tribal artworks from around the world. Some of these stick to common themes from native American tribal art, for example, while others give them a contemporary twist. 

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08. Tribal mask-inspired tattoo

Tribal mask-inspired tattoo

By Manu Dermagrafics

This stunning leg piece was crafted freehand, and with its bold shapes, colour-blocking and seamless line work, it’s a tribal tattoo worth showing off. The shape itself complements the shape of the leg, too.

09. Subtle shading tribal tattoo

Subtle shading tribal tattoo

By Paxii

What makes this tribal tattoo design stand out is that through the thick line work and colour-filled shapes, there’s a subtle shading that brings it to life, adding new dimensions.

10. Thick framed tribal tattoo

Thick framed tribal tattoo

By Mike Schwalger

This custom Polynesian tribal tattoo sleeve is able to include a variety of different shapes and lines without making it look too busy. The thick line framing adds a more artistic flair.

11. Pared-back tribal tattoo

Pared-back tribal tattoo

By Leo Braz

Sometimes tribal tattoos can be simple. This piece signifies the serpent in the Marajoara tribe, with the back placement proving to be the perfect place to show it off. 

12. Repeat pattern tattoo

Repeat pattern tattoo

By Sunset Tattoo

Keeping with the simple theme, this half-sleeve tribal tattoo offers an intricate yet uncomplicated design. And with such a clean design, the pattern is as mesmerising as it is timeless. 

13. Tribal collar tattoo

Tribal collar tattoo

By Margaret River

Tribal tattoo designs often demand a bold placement and this visayan tribal collar is a breathtaking example of how simple line work and intricate patterns can make a statement. 

14. Modern twist

Modern twist

By Daniel Matsumoto

This work, by Daniel Matsumoto, manages to put a modern twist on the classic tribal tattoo design. Mixing thin lines with block colour is a simple but unique way to make it pop. 

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