The 15 best free Photoshop Scripts

09. Super Export

This script allows you to easily export individual parts of a PSD document as separate, cropped files by naming layers according to the filename you'd like to save with. For example, name a layer 'background.jpg' and run this script to save that one layer out, while hiding all other layers.

10. Scale patterns to 100%

Free Photoshop Script Scale patterns to 100 per cent

This free Photoshop script resets all patterns to 100 per cent scale

When scaling a document in Photoshop, pattern layers and layer styles get scaled at the same time, which can lead to less-than-perfect results when using noise or texture-based patterns. This script resets all patterns to 100 per cent scale, saving you the hassle of hunting them out and resetting each one individually.

11. Export text to file

This is a helpful little script that parses your PSD document and grabs any text content, before saving it out into a text file for ease of copy/paste into other formats. Ideal for web designers migrating a static mockup into an HTML template.

12. Offset all layers

This script enables you to use the offset filter on multiple PSD layers at one

If you use Photoshop to generate repeating pattern tiles, you'll already be familiar with the offset filter. With this, you can wrap the pixels from one edge of a document around to the opposite edge, revealing the join, and allowing you to make a perfectly seamless pattern. The problem is the offset filter only works on one layer at a time. This script solves that issue!

13. Textparser

This excellent script from Justin Marsan generates CSS styles for text inside a Photoshop document. It includes information automatically picked up from your document for colour, font-size, text-transform, text-decoration, line-height and more. Perfect for web designers working with mockups produced in Photoshop.

14. Google Maps Tile Cutter

This script allows you to automatically carve up a large image for use with Google Maps. This is ideal when you're creating a web app that uses Google Maps to create custom mapping or bespoke overlays on map content.

15. Parametric Curves

Free Photoshop Script Parametric Curves

This free script enables you to generate mathematically-defined curves adjustment layers

This script allows you to generate mathematically-defined curves adjustment layers, useful for generating organic patterns and textures. Read Davide Barranca's explanation of why you might want to for full details, but in summary these are especially handy when generating displacement maps and depth maps.

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