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Adobe Premiere Rush review

Adobe’s mobile app lets you edit on the move

Adobe Premiere Rush review
(Image: © Adobe)

Our Verdict

Adobe has condensed multi-track editing software into an efficient and intuitive app, well-tailored to social media. While many features are very basic, it’s useful for quick on-the-go edits.


  • Simple interface
  • Tailors videos for social media
  • Compatibility with Premiere Pro


  • Features lack depth
  • Not the cheapest option

With more videos than ever made for the fast-paced world of social media and vlogging, there’s a need for the best video editing software to enable quick work. Adobe Premiere Rush is an on-the-go editing app designed for just this purpose.

Premiere Rush is similar to Adobe’s high-end desktop editing application, Premiere Pro, but scaled down to suit mobile devices and be accessible to those with little editing experience. There are other mobile editing apps available, such as KineMaster, but Rush is unusual in that it’s cross-platform, available on both mobile and desktop devices. Plus, projects made in Rush are compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro. 

In our Adobe Premiere Rush review, we will assess its key features and functionality, including the features that have been added in recent updates, such as Pan and Zoom and Auto Reframe. As it’s primarily designed for mobile editing, we’ve tested the iOS version on an iPhone 12.

Premiere Rush is Adobe’s app for creating social videos (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Premiere Rush: Simple timeline

Adobe has done a good job of making the layout of Premiere Rush simple and easy to learn, while retaining the key functionality of nonlinear editing, including multiple video and audio tracks. A scroll bar along the bottom includes all the tools and effects, and there’s a guided tutorial the first time you use the app, which helps new users learn their way around.

On phones, the timeline is only usable in portrait mode. If you turn the phone landscape, you zoom in on the video monitor and can use transform controls on the current clip, but an option to work on the timeline in this view would be useful.

Adobe Premiere Rush review

Premiere Rush has a similar interface on mobile, tablet and desktop devices (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Premiere Rush: Audio features

As well as adding music and effects, you can record voiceover directly into Premiere Rush. There’s a useful selection of audio adjustments you can make: both manual and auto volume levels, noise and echo reduction, and speech enhancement (which raises or lowers the pitch). Though not as in depth as you’d get on desktop software like Premiere Pro, these are intuitive and easy, not at all as fiddly as audio editing can become.

Adobe Premiere Rush review

There are several options to adjust audio clips  (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Premiere Rush: Color tools

Premiere Rush has a number of filters you can apply to video clips. You can then refine the color using sliders such as highlights, shadows, vibrance, and saturation, as well as adding vignettes. The color effects allow you to quickly give videos a sheen that will stand out on social media, though for professional editors they do seem basic.

Adobe Premiere Rush review

Filters can quickly give your footage a slick look (Image credit: Adobe Premiere Rush)

Adobe Premiere Rush: Pan and Zoom

The motion effects are quite limited. Pan and Zoom was added in the August 2020 update, but it’s not customizable—you don’t even have the choice of whether to zoom in or out. Plus, it’s only available for still images and not video clips. Hopefully, the feature will be expanded in future updates.

Adobe Premiere Rush review

Pan and Zoom adds motion to a still image (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Premiere Rush: Social publishing

Rush has tools to tailor your videos for various social networks. There’s an option to switch the aspect ratio of your edit between 16:9, 9:16, 4:5, and 1:1, and Auto Reframe was added in the August 2020 update. This intelligently locates the most important part of a clip and ensures it’s not cropped out when the aspect ratio is changed. Placement of graphics is also automatically adjusted for ideal positioning in each aspect ratio.

There are then options to export and publish directly to social networks, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. The export presets mean you don’t have to worry about file types, and there are options to add descriptions and tags. All this means the process of publishing to social media is very streamlined.

Adobe Premiere Rush review

Auto Reframe detects the action in your video clips (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Premiere Rush: Premiere Pro compatibility

Because it’s significantly scaled down, those who want to really fine-tune their edits or make complex videos won’t find the options to do so in Premiere Rush. However, the Project Sync feature makes it possible to start an edit in Rush then send it to Pro. This is a useful feature for editors who want to begin an edit using their mobile device before fine-tuning it later.

Should I buy it?

The basic version of Premiere Rush is free, but for premium features, including cross-platform connectivity, there’s a subscription fee of $9.99/month. Alternatively, you can buy it alongside Premiere Pro for $20.99/month, or as part of the Creative Cloud collection for $52.99/month. It isn’t cheap—a strong competitor, KineMaster, costs just $4.99/month.

However, Adobe has done a good job of condensing the key functionality of editing software into an accessible and efficient app. It’s easy to learn, has an intuitive interface, and includes multi-track editing, some useful color and audio tools, and streamlined social media publishing. So, if you’re a regular vlogger and want to minimise editing time, Premiere Rush is a good choice for you. 

If you want to make more complex videos, you’ll be disappointed that many features lack depth, and other apps like KineMaster have more refinement available. However, the compatibility with Premiere Pro is an advantage, and buying the two as a package is worth considering for busy editors who sometimes have to start edits while on the move.

System requirements


  • iOS 12 or later
  • iPhone 7 or later, or iPad


  • Android 9.0 or later


  • Empty listWindows 10
  • Multicore processor with 64-bit support
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 8GB of available hard-disk space
  • Internet connection and registration are necessary for activation


  • Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support
  • macOS v10.14 or later
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 8GB of available hard-disk space for installation
  • Internet connection and registration are necessary for activation

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The Verdict

out of 10

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe has condensed multi-track editing software into an efficient and intuitive app, well-tailored to social media. While many features are very basic, it’s useful for quick on-the-go edits.