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Storyboards 3D

Rob Redman discovers how this app makes the iPad into a useful tool for storyboarding.




  • Transformable 3D content
  • Expandable Preset library
  • Sharable storyboard renders


Storyboarding is a part of the animation process that is vital, not just for teams but also for lone animators. Properly planning and communicating your concept is an important step in the workflow and it also lets you spot problems early on.

With that in mind being able to produce and view your storyboards on an iPad is a fantastic idea. Tamajii has already made 2D storyboarding apps, but now it has a 3D version, which is much more versatile.

The app is simple but doesn’t feel lacking because of that. The interface is clean and functional rather than beautiful. It doesn’t get in the way of the task at hand, though you may find yourself looking for in-app purchases to bolster the slightly thin collection of standard assets.

The app does ship with a number of presets, from arrows and speech bubbles to male and female characters, as well as a limited number of props.

Placing assets in a board is simple and once in you can treat it like a 3D scene, using touch gestures to transform, scale and rotate with ease. A simple bring back/forward button makes arranging depth in your scenes easy. For character work, there a few poses and facial expressions, with many more readily available as in-app purchases.

Once finished, you can render out in various styles (hand-drawn looks best), then share as a PDF via email, via native format (which can be edited) via iTunes, or print it directly.

This free app (barring in-app purchases) is useful and well designed, and will help you get your boards done in minutes


3D World’s technical editor Rob Redman is a 3D artist and trainer

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