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New Banksy street art has a heart-warming edge

New Banksy

Banksy's new work has a strange childish charm

Students at Bridge Farm Primary School in Bristol, UK returned from their half-term holiday to find one of the school's buildings had been adorned with an unsual piece of giant doodle art. Yet this image was no act of vandalism - it's the latest masterpiece from street art legend Banksy.

Depicting a child playing with a stick and a hoop, the artwork looks like it's leapt from the margins of a school exercise book. Of course, because this is a Banksy there's an edgy touch, with the traditional hoop swapped out for a burning tyre.

However, there's a charming side to the story, as the children at the school had recently decided to rename their houses after Bristol legends, including Banksy.

Bridge Farm wrote to the artist about the decision to name a school house after him and the painting was reportedly completed last night. As well as a letter from the artist himself that confirms he made the image, the painting also features the rare inclusion of his signature.

Image via Ben Errington on Twitter.

Dom Carter
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