Yes, this giant Lego minifigure maze is real

Aerial view of Lego Maze at York Maze
(Image credit: York Maze)

In what is possibly the most absurd use of the word ‘mini’ we’ve ever heard, the world’s largest image of a Lego minifigure has been unveiled in the form of a maze. It's made entirely out of maize plants and it’s roughly the size of eight football pitches.

Marking the 90th anniversary of the Lego brand, the fully navigable maize maze covers 15 acres and features a Lego character more than 150m tall. The 'minifigure' is seen breaking his way through a wall of bricks – although you have to view it from quite a way above to be able to see that.

The maze is just one of the many things taking place this year as Lego celebrates its 90th birthday, but it has to be the most extravagant tribute we've seen yet. And we imagine it may take almost as long to navigate as it takes to build the Lego Titanic.

Man with Lego cut-outs in Lego Maze

There are prizes to be won if visitors can navigate the maze well enough to find the cut-outs. (Image credit: York Maze)

This spectacular tribute to Lego comes from York Maze, the largest maze in the UK. It's not the first time the maze has used its acreage for large-scale pop-culture tributes – previous mazes have been themed around Star Wars, The Lion King and Doctor Who – yes, they did a Dalek one year. And of course, Lego itself is no stranger to unorthodox collabs – in the past we’ve seen Lego collaborate with Levi’s, NASA and IKEA. Now, it isn't every day you see those three names in the same sentence.

The maze is already up and running, and visitors have until September 5th to check it out. York Maze owner Tom Pearcy revealed that there are images of six big Lego minifigure boards hidden in the maze – visitors who find them have a chance to win a prize.

If this tribute has got you yearning to build some Lego of your own, check out our round-ups of the best Lego space sets, best Lego Architecture sets and best Lego Harry Potter sets.

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