Lego x Levi's collab is truly bizarre

Lego is in the mood to collaborate this year, with mashup announcements stacking up. So far, we've seen partnerships with top-level brands including IKEA, Adidas and Nintendo, but the latest news concerns a fashion-based collab with denim royalty, Levi's. Not a team we ever expected to come together, that's for sure.

Tied to Lego's Dots brand, which centres around adding small Lego pieces to items of clothing to customise them (in a similar way to the best Lego art puts pieces together to create images), the range will be called Lego x Levi's. So far we've only seen a teaser of potential products, which include a denim jacket, baseball cap, bumbag (called a fanny pack if you're in the US) and beanie. 


Just some of the goodies awaiting release (Image credit: Levi's/Lego)

Though Lego can normally do no wrong in our eyes, we weren't blown away by our first look at the designs, especially the beanie. It feels like retro Levi's design but with a Lego patch stuck on the front, as something of an afterthought. It certainly didn't immediately make our design hearts flutter like the Adidas packaging (below), which is bold, clever and slick – with Lego's unique design points integrated beautifully into an Adidas package. Granted, we haven't seen the actual shoes yet so we don't know how all-out Lego they've gone, but the packaging is a sight to behold – and certainly less subtle than the Levi's collab.

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But the more we look at it, the more we're on board – there's something quite joyful about the concepts. We'd love to see the designs adorned with the Dots accessories, like on the bumbag shown in the top image. Unfortunately, some sources say that the patches don't all contain actual working studs, but are just images of Lego studs, negating the fun somewhat.

The beanie, though, is not one of them – it has already been found on sale on the Levi's website (sadly only teased and no longer available), and it definitely comes with the Dots package, meaning you can adorn the front of your hat with a Lego design of your choice (see below). It also comes in a myriad of different colours, which is all the more appealing.


The beanie has been teased online already (Image credit: Levi's via Brick Fanatics)

According to German site, Spielwaren (which also reports the German release of the line to be September 10), the product list is as follows: "Levis 501 with a embroidered Lego logo, a denim jacket, dark T-shirts with a big red Lego 2 x 4 brick with the Levi’s lettering on the brick, Sweaters and hoodies in the basic colour white, which is flanked by the classic Lego colours. 

"There will also be a black sweater, several baseball caps, a bandana with Lego minifigure heads on it and a fanny pack". Quite the bumper haul of goodies, which so far has only been officially referenced by Levi's on its Instagram post (below).

Lego seems determined to infiltrate every area of your life with its current strategy, which is being executed pretty seamlessly. Its IKEA storage, for example, slots in perfectly to your home, filling a need we all knew we had but hadn't really considered. 

The subtlety of the Lego x Levi's product design is likely to appeal to a wider customer base than something all-out Lego, which might be restricted to a younger market. Since Levi's target market is 15-25 year old males (not widely known for in-your-face fashion choices), the classic Levi's design with a Lego twist is likely to be more popular than something more brash, and it does add a pop of fun to an everyday outfit. 

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