This beer-powered puffer jacket is the coolest design I've seen

Tiger Beer puffer jacket
(Image credit: Tiger)

London-based designer Izzy Du has teamed up with Tiger Beer to create a heat-beating puffer jacket that cools wearers down through the magical power of beer. With subtle tiger-inspired details and integrated techwear design, looking cool is truly no sweat (and now you can finally wear a huge puffer jacket on a hot summer's day – just what you've always wanted, right?)

The bold piece is set to debut at Paris Fashion Week where fans can test-run the garment at Du's exclusive pop-up store. (If you're after more fashion content. check out our collection of the best fashion logos, according to the experts). 

Tiger Beer puffer jacket

(Image credit: Tiger)

Celebrating Tiger's brand identity, Du integrated a number of big cat-inspired motifs within the design, such as ear details on the hood, large tiger fangs, a subtle all-over striped pattern emulated in the stitching, and of course, the jacket's vibrant orange colour. 

Alongside the aesthetics of the piece, the jacket features a number of techwear elements. A large waterproof pocket features on the front of the jacket for easy beer storage, as well as weaving tubes which carry chilled water around the puffer, providing its unique cooling qualities.

Tiger Beer puffer jacket cooling system

(Image credit: Tiger)

The beer-powered cooling system was the work of Japanese creative studio Whatever Co, which trialled a number of techniques before landing on the current design. Inspired by the technology used to regulate astronauts' body temperature, the initial prototype was a little too effective and had to be altered for us earthlings.

Currently, the piece is capable of cooling the body's temperature by approximately  5°C (41°F). The integrated system is located at the back of the jacket and is powered by an internal breast pocket that houses an ice-cold Tiger beer, harvesting its cooling properties to provide a refreshing chill, whatever the weather.

While there are currently no plans to manufacture this ultra-cool jacket, it's always great to see designers and brands teaming up to create pieces that challenge the norm. While this beer-powered summer puffer jacket might just take the cake for the strangest fashion piece we've seen to date, we're loving the ingenuity and playful design that's bought the piece to life. 

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