If this awesome standing desk concept is the future, I'm here for it

Sci-fi films love to depict a futuristic user interface. From Blade Runner to Minority Report, we've seen all sorts of swipe or voice controlled systems, usually featuring a minimum of 700 screens. But if this new desk design is anything to go by, the future is (almost) here.

Lumina has revealed "the ultimate workspace for productivity," which, at first glance, just looks like a nice, black standing desk. But look a little closer, and you'll see a monitor embedded in the surface of the table itself. We'd better start making a space in our best standing desks roundup.

Lumina Desk

(Image credit: Lumina)

It might sound like the ultimate "they were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't think about whether they should," but here we are – Lumina has stuck a screen inside a table. It's a full 24” OLED display, designed to sit behind your keyboard and in front of your monitor. 

Lumina describes the tech as "an always-on, ambient display that passively feeds you information," and demonstrates it doing exactly that – showing the user info such as their calendar, the weather and, of course, real-time stock updates.

It looks a decent table too. Made of anti-glare reinforced glass, with aluminium and stainless steel legs, the desk can extend from 30 - 47 inches. Oh, and it features 826 cubic inches of cable management space, six USB-C ports and two wireless charging pads.

Lumina Desk

It's a screen! In a table! (Image credit: Lumina)

But the headline feature is that built-in display. If it looks anything like Lumina's product renders (which obviously show it in its best light), the screen looks delightfully futuristic. If you currently use two 4k monitors, perhaps the Lumina desk would allow you to cut that down to one, saving some serious space. The only thing stopping it from looking full Minority Report is the fact that the screen isn't touch-enabled – although Lumina says this to avoid unwanted interactions with items on your desk.

So when's it coming, and what will it cost? Information is scant at the moment, with Lumina simply stating the desk will arrive in the second half of 2023. Price is currently unknown too, although we can't expect it'll come cheap. But between this and Xiaomi's new smart home headset, it looks like the future is well and truly in our sights.

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Daniel John
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