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25 top free stencil fonts

16. Sistemas (opens in new tab)

free stencil font: Sistemas

Sistemas by Manuel Lage

This cool Sistemas font design was created by type designer Manuel Lage. This is one of 15 typefaces developed by Lage, which collectively have amassed over 1.7 million downloads. This particular design is free for both personal and commercial use.


17. Top Secret (opens in new tab)

free stencil font: Top Secret

Top Secret by Magique Fonts

For all your top secret documentation, check out this classic military stencil design by Koczman Bálint of Magique Fonts (opens in new tab). With over a million downloads, this typeface is free for both personal and commercial use.


18. Urban Sketch (opens in new tab)

free stencil font: Urban Sketch

Urban Sketch by Nils von Blanc

This Urban Sketch typeface, created by designer Nils von Blanc (opens in new tab), was inspired by Ray Larabie (opens in new tab) and his Gunplay font. A popular free stencil font, it has amassed nearly 900,000 downloads since its release. It's free for personal use only.


19. CargoCrate (opens in new tab)

free stencil font: Cargocrate

CargoCrate by Mickey Rossi

Designer Mickey Rossi is the man behind this stylish free stencil font. Rossi has multiple type designs available for download on Urban Fonts (opens in new tab). This particular creation is available for both personal and commercial use.


20. Stardos Stencil (opens in new tab)

free stencil font: Stardos Stencil

Stardos Stencil by Vernon Adams

Vernon Adams of New Typography is the designer behind this classic stencil font. The free stencil font, which includes a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters, is available for both personal and commercial use.


21. Popcorn (opens in new tab)

Free stencil fonts: Popcorn

Popcorn by Billy Argel. Image © Billy Argel

Type designer Billy Argel (opens in new tab) has created numerous different fonts, many of which he generously offers as a free download for artists to use in their personal work, including this cinema-inspired font. Commercial licenses for this full font (including a cool sketch version) are available from the designer.


22. Octin Stencil (opens in new tab)

Free stencil fonts: Octin Stencil

Octin Stencil by Ray Larabie. Image © Typodermic Fonts

Octin Stencil was designed by Ray Larabie of Typodermic Fonts (opens in new tab). Larabie comments on his creation: "This font is a tough headliner in seven weights: light, book, regular, semi-bold, heavy and black. Octin Stencil is perfect for police, sports, prison, construction, school or military themes." 

This typeface is free to download – however, donations to the author are, as always, gratefully received.


23. LeArchitect (opens in new tab)

Free stencil fonts: LeArchitect

LeArchitect by Manfred Klein

LeArchitect is the creation of type designer Manfred Klein (opens in new tab). Based in Frankfurt, Klein worked as a typesetter and in advertising for decades before he became involved in creating typefaces. Klein has many of his creations available to download online, inclduing this army-style, free stencil font.


24. Fine Stencil (opens in new tab)

Free stencil fonts: Fine Stencil

Fine Stencil by VNBC

This thin font by graphic designers VNBC (opens in new tab) is one of 24 designs, which, collectively, have amassed nearly half a million downloads. This typeface includes a simple set of uppercase letters, numbers and the odd special character. It's free, but donations to the author can be made at the time of download.


25. Kaiser (opens in new tab)

Free stencil fonts: Kaiser

Kaiser by Jeff Canham

San Francisco-based Jeff Canham is an artist, graphic designer and traditional sign painter. He is also the man behind this bold stencil font Kaiser. The free download includes a full set of uppercase characters and a selection of special characters.


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