40 typography Twitter accounts you must follow

In the world of typography (opens in new tab), there's no shortage of fresh design inspiration, new releases, and great free fonts around to get your creative juices flowing. But where do you find it?

Twitter is a good place to keep on top of new developments, but the social media site can often be an overwhelming experience if you don't know where to look.

So to help you out, we've rounded up this list of the best accounts for typographers and font lovers. Follow these accounts and we guarantee you'll get your regular font fix in no time!

Rick Banks (@_Face37 (opens in new tab))

Founded in 2008 by British designer Rick Banks (Creative Director) and joined in 2013 by Annabel Welbury (Director), Face37 (opens in new tab) is a London based design studio, focusing on the fields of branding, graphic design and typography. Banks' twitter account is packed full of typography based branding discussion and font-based anecdotes.

Vincent Connare (@VincentConnare (opens in new tab))

As the creator of Comic Sans, you might initially want to steer clear of Connare but you may be pleasantly surprised. He's been creating font projects for over 20 years, that have seen him excel to one of the most inspiring typographers out there. Take a look at his twitter profile for a light-hearted approach to typography.

Craig Ward (@MrCraigWard (opens in new tab))

Craig Ward is a British born designer and art director currently based in New York. Occasional artist, sometime author and a contributor to several industry journals, he is known primarily for his pioneering typographic works. His tweets are often packed full of great typographic advice and font inspiration.

Nicole A Phillips (@typographHER (opens in new tab))

Brisbane, Australia based letterer and typographer Nicole A Phillips is about as passionate as you can get about typography. Sharing daily inspirations, print products and typography in the real world, her twitter account is well worth a follow if you're after some fresh content on a daily basis.

Andi Galpern (@andigalpern (opens in new tab))

As the founder of San Francisco's Cascade SF (opens in new tab), Galpern is a designer, regular speaker and typographer who is all about gaining audience feedback and fuelling type discussion. Head on over to her twitter profile to witness new typographic branding projects and get stuck into some font-type talk.

Laura Meseguer (@laurameseguer (opens in new tab))

Based in Barcelona, Laura Meseguer is a freelance designer, letterer and graphic designer. Through her own type foundry, Type-Ø-Tones (opens in new tab), she publishes and promotes her own type designs. The author of TypoMag: Typography in Magazines (opens in new tab), she also finds time to teach type design at Eina Escola d’Art i Disseny (opens in new tab), and gives lectures and workshops all around the world.

Nick Sherman (@nicksherman (opens in new tab))

New York-based Nick Sherman is a typographer at @FontBureau (opens in new tab) and co-founder of @FontsInUse (opens in new tab) (both accounts are also well worth following). He also contributes to typography sites such as Typographica (opens in new tab) and We Love Typography (opens in new tab), and has taught undergraduate typography at MassArt (opens in new tab).

House Industries (@houseindustries (opens in new tab))

A type foundry and design studio based in Delaware, House Industries' typefaces appear everywhere in popular culture from TV (including Nickelodeon and VH1) and movies (Mission: Impossible III) to albums (Green Day's Dookie) and products (Lucky Charms logo).

Salford Type Foundry (@STF_TWEETS (opens in new tab))

Salford Type Foundry is a student-led project, created and managed
by students from all levels of BA (Hons) Graphic Design, at the University of Salford. They're "keen to explore and champion the slightly abnormal, deeply irregular, potentially unusable fonts, as well as the more meticulous and considered".

Seb Lester (@seblester (opens in new tab))

Seb Lester works in Sussex, England, as a type designer, illustrator and artist. He has created typefaces and type illustrations for some of the world's biggest companies, publications and events, including the likes of Apple, Nike, Intel and The New York Times.

Typedia (@typedia (opens in new tab))

Typedia (opens in new tab) is a community website to classify typefaces and educate people about them. Run by some of the most respected designers in the world, this Twitter feed is dedicated to sharing the latest news published on the site, which is always worth checking out.

Typophile (@typophile (opens in new tab))

Typophile (opens in new tab) is the longest running typographic community on the internet. As well as posting news, tips and inspiration, their homepage also offers an array of typography-based discussion. A brilliant account to follow if you like your typography with a splash of conversation.

Hoefler & Frere-Jones (@H_FJ (opens in new tab))

Hoefler & Frere-Jones design fonts. Not only is their website (opens in new tab) full of delicious font offerings, their Twitter account is full of the latest job vacancies, inspirational typefaces along with some hilarious and quite frankly, cheeky statements. J. Hoefler is the master tweeter here.

Ken Barber (@TypeLettering (opens in new tab))

Ken Barber (opens in new tab) is a letterer and typeface designer at House Industries. Often posting inspirational typography gems in unexpected places, he also posts up his latest designs and is always available for font-based discussions. He also regularly gives lectures and workshops.

Ralf Herrmann (@opentype (opens in new tab))

Ralf Herrmann (opens in new tab) is the creator of Wayfinding Sans (Pro) (opens in new tab) and has done plenty of research on when it comes to finding fonts and typography legability. He regularly tweets about the legal stuff surrounding fonts as well as great offers and advice from fellow typographers.

Type Release (@typerelease (opens in new tab))

As you can probably gauge from their name, Type Release (opens in new tab) are often the first to tweet about new typefaces and great font offers. It's a great account to check when you're stuck for a new font, as you'll no doubt come across a new favourite when browsing their latest tweets.

Typography Daily (@typographydaily (opens in new tab))

Typography Daily (opens in new tab) is a regularly updated blog about typography, all of which is tweeted about through this busy feed. Run by swiss web and graphic designer Mirko Humbert (opens in new tab), there's links to inspirational type projects, freebies, designers, books and much more.

Typeoff (@typeoff (opens in new tab))

Typeoff is the Twitter feed of type designer and typographic researcher Dan Reynolds (opens in new tab). His feed is updated sometimes multiple times a day with everything including type advice, links to useful information, opinion and general discussion around the subject of typography.

Fontdeck (@fontdeck (opens in new tab))

Fontdeck (opens in new tab) is all about professional typefaces optimised for the web, with a catalogue containing thousands of professionally designed fonts, all enhanced for on-screen use. For advice and inspiration in this area, follow this friendly and regularly updated Twitter feed.

Erik Spiekermann (@espiekermann (opens in new tab))

Describing himself as a 'typomaniac', Erik Spiekermann (opens in new tab) is one of the most respected professionals in the design industry. He tweets often and regularly supports other designers, typographers and font websites. If you're not already following him, do it immediately!

Suggested by Radim Malinic of @brand_nu (opens in new tab)

Typography (@t8y (opens in new tab))

Typography is the Twitter account of designer Jon Tan, co-founder of Fontdeck (opens in new tab) and Mapalong (opens in new tab) and a partner at web product studio Fictive Kin (opens in new tab). This account always searches out cool type news, tips and tricks related to typography.

Fonts In Use (@fontsinuse (opens in new tab))

Fonts In Use is an independent project from designers Sam Berlow (opens in new tab), Stephen Coles (opens in new tab) and Nick Sherman (opens in new tab). The account focuses on type at work in the real world, often sharing a bunch of hints as well as pointing their followers to other relative websites.

I Love Typography (@ilovetypography (opens in new tab))

I Love Typography (opens in new tab) is one of the world's most popular fonts and typography blogs, so it comes as no surprise that its Twitter following continues to be on the up. If you're looking for a more interactive account, you've come to the right place because there's always plenty of sharing and debate throughout this feed.

Mark Simonson (@marksimonson (opens in new tab))

Typeface designer and font developer Mark Simonson (opens in new tab) knows what he's talking about when it comes to typography. He regularly produces high-quality fonts and makes them available on his site, plus he continually shares his inspirations via Twitter.

Typegirl (@typegirl (opens in new tab))

Typegirl is Tiffany Wardle, a typographer and graphic designer currently living and working in San Jose, California. She is part of the Society of Typographic Aficionados (opens in new tab) and a contributing volunteer for the Association Typographique Internationale (opens in new tab). She's also a moderator at Typophile (opens in new tab) - another great font-focused website, which features in our Best Tumblr blogs for designers.

Suggested by Dan Leach of @fontsquirrel (opens in new tab)

Typegoodness (@typegoodness (opens in new tab))

Typegoodness (opens in new tab) is a site dedictated to showcasing beautiful typography from around the world. And this Twitter feed, run by the site's curator Frederick Samuel, is a great way of knowing when they've posted something new. At present, tweets don't come through that often, but when they do they're worth taking a look at.

HvD Fonts (@hvdfonts (opens in new tab))

HvD Fonts is the Twitter account of Hannes von Döhren, a typeface designer who's always sharing the latest deals and font sales. HvD Fonts (opens in new tab) is a type foundry that was founded by Hannes in Berlin during 2005. In 2011 he received the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design from the Type Directors Club NY.

Suggested by Rick Banks: @_Face37 (opens in new tab)

Steven Bonner (@stevenbonner (opens in new tab))

Steven Bonner (opens in new tab) is a typographic illustrator who continues to make his mark on the industry after winning numerous awards, including several for the Art Director's Club in Germany. He's an avid tweeter and consistently shares his finds with his followers.

Type Everything (@typeverything (opens in new tab))

Typeverything is a type collective consisting of designers Andrei Robu (opens in new tab), Darren Booth (opens in new tab), Dominic Le-Hair (opens in new tab), Jeff Rogers (opens in new tab), Jeremy Pruitt (opens in new tab), Jessica Walsh (opens in new tab), Luke Lucas (opens in new tab), Maia Then (opens in new tab), Mary Kate McDevitt (opens in new tab), Neuarmy (opens in new tab), Sawdust (opens in new tab) and Simon Ålander (opens in new tab). Phew! With all those inputs, you're bound to find something you'll love.

Jordan Metcalf (@jordanmetcalf (opens in new tab))

Designer and typographer Jordan Metcalf (opens in new tab) is based in Cape Town, South Africa and produces some of the best typography designs out there. He's one of those tweeters who retweets the right stuff; providing plenty of inspiration when you're surfing the web.

Suggested by Steven Bonner (opens in new tab): @stevenbonner (opens in new tab)

Jessica Hische (@jessicahische (opens in new tab))

Jessica is already one of the most well-known typographers out there, so if you're not already following her we suggest you do so! She's always happy to answer questions from budding typographers whilst still retweeting fun finds. She's currently on her honeymoon with interaction and product designer @StrangeNative (opens in new tab) but she'll be back online very soon!

Elliot Jay Stocks (@elliotjaystocks (opens in new tab))

Elliot is the publisher of 8 Faces (opens in new tab), a print magazine for devotees of typography. He's also the co-founder of Viewport Industries (opens in new tab), and has recently been appointed creative director of Typekit (opens in new tab). He tweets awesome links as well as helpful hints and is always on the ball when it comes to typography trends.

Underware (@underware (opens in new tab))

The design collective Underware (opens in new tab) was founded in 1999 by Akiem Helmling (opens in new tab), Bas Jacobs (opens in new tab) and Sami Kortemäki (opens in new tab). For more than 10 years they've been creating versatile fonts, surfing the waves, conducting type workshops and running the radio station Typeradio (opens in new tab).

Suggested by Rick Banks: @_Face37 (opens in new tab)

Commerical Type (@commercialtype (opens in new tab))

Commercial Type (opens in new tab) is a joint venture between Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz, who have collaborated since 2004 on various typeface projects, most notably the award-winning Guardian Egyptian (opens in new tab). Tweets are mainly handled by Christian Schwarts, with Barnes preferring to communicate through Facebook.

Suggested by Rick Banks: @_Face37 (opens in new tab)

Luke Lucas (@_LukeLucas (opens in new tab))

Graphic designer and typographer Luke (opens in new tab) is slowly but surely making an impact on the design industry. Residing in Melbourne, Australia, he's already worked with the likes of the Washington Post and Men's Health UK. He's a great guy to follow if you like to see typography as a work in progress.

Suggested by Steven Bonner (opens in new tab): @stevenbonner (opens in new tab)

Friends Of Type (@friendsoftype (opens in new tab))

Friends of Type is a type collective run by Erik Marinovich (opens in new tab), Aaron Carámbula (opens in new tab), Jason Wong and Dennis Payongayong. They feature original typographic design and lettering - fresh visual content - practically every day, by four primary contributors. Posts are meant to log ideas and inspire each other and its readers. Sounds good to us!

Suggested by Rick Banks: @_Face37 (opens in new tab)

UltraSparky (@ultrasparky (opens in new tab))

Dan Rhatigan (opens in new tab) is a typographer and graphic designer currently living in London. He's the senior typeface designer at Monotype (opens in new tab) and also teaches in the Master of Choreography program at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts (opens in new tab) in the Netherlands. Dan is refreshingly honest and knows exactly what he's talking about when it comes to type.

Suggested by Bruno Maag: @bruno_maag (opens in new tab)

Thomas Phinney ( (@ThomasPhinney (opens in new tab))

Thomas Phinney describes himself as a fonts and typography geek - which many of us could certainly relate to! His website (opens in new tab) is full of awesome conferences, advice and tips for typographers. We especially loved his comment, "my other car is a sans serif", hey oh!

Suggested by Bruno Maag: @bruno_maag (opens in new tab)

Jason Santa Maria (@jasonsantamaria (opens in new tab))

Most of you will already be following him but it would be a crime not to mention Jason (opens in new tab) on this list. He's the founder and principal of the design studio Mighty (opens in new tab), creative director for Typekit (opens in new tab), a faculty member in the MFA Interaction Design program at SVA (opens in new tab), co-founder of A Book Apart (opens in new tab), former vice president of AIGA/NY (opens in new tab), founder of Typedia (opens in new tab) AND creative director for A List Apart (opens in new tab). We told you he was a big deal!

Suggested by Elliot Jay Stocks: @elliotjaystocks (opens in new tab)

LetterCult (@lettercult (opens in new tab))

LetterCult is a website which highlights artists and designers doing remarkable work with Custom Letters. This group includes type designers, letterers, sign painters, graffiti artists, stone carvers, calligraphers, poster artists, and graphic designers. All tweets are typed by LetterCult's Brian Jaramillo.

That's all for now! Let us know your suggestions in the comments box below, as we'll be updating the list very soon!

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