5 top DevTool resources


The Chrome DevTools site is a rich resource with plenty of links

Dig deep into the world of Chrome extensions (opens in new tab) and beyond with these resources that will teach you about different ways to use Chrome's DevTools and help you to stay up to date with the latest fetures.

01. Chrome DevTools homepage

The Chrome DevTools site (opens in new tab) is full of links to documentation and useful resources. It's also worth following the official Twitter account (@chromedevtools (opens in new tab)) to find out about features as soon as they are announced, and discover tips and tricks.

02. Node inspector

Katie Fenn

More talks about DevTools can be found on Katie Fenn's site

Node inspector (opens in new tab) open source project enables you to debug Node.js scripts using DevTools. You can use it to step through server-side code, view outgoing HTTP requests, and even profile the performance of scripts.

03. What's new in Chrome DevTools?

Addy Osmani's 2015 talk (opens in new tab) is a great resource for discovering the latest and greatest features of DevTools. Osmani works at Google on the Chrome project.

04. Remote debugging on Android with Chrome

Use DevTools to remotely debug websites (opens in new tab) on Android 
devices. This is an essential part of developing sites for mobile platforms, because running your code on real devices often exposes things emulators do not.

05. Firefox developer tools

Firefox also has a great set of developer tools (opens in new tab), which will be familiar to anyone who has used Chrome DevTools.

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Katie Fenn is a senior UI developer at Sky Betting & Gaming. Her areas of expertise are JS, CSS, PHP, test-driven development and React.