Shoot raw images on your phone with Lightroom 2.0

The power of Adobe's Lightroom tool has been released as an app for Android tablets and smartphones.

Lightroom 2 0

Lightroom 2.0 is the first end-to-end raw photography tool

Adobe has launched Lightroom on Android 2.0, a new addition to the ranks of photo apps which lets those who care about photography to capture, organize, edit and share images directly from their mobile device.

Touted as the very first end-to-end raw mobile photography solution, Lightroom on Android 2.0 combines the ability to capture and share raw/DNG files directly on an Android smartphone with photo editing software.

New features include an in-app camera that can capture images in DNG raw format, shoot-through presets, a dehaze tool, and split toning enhancement which lets you create uniquely sylized tones and colours.

The app also includes direct, on image editing controls, and a point mode in Curve tool which provides complete control over the tonality and contrast of an image. One-tap access to Adobe Premiere Clip rounds off the package.

To see Lightroom 2.0 in action, Adobe put the app in the hands of world-renowned travel photographer Colby Brown. Explore the stunning pictures below to see what the tool is capable of.

Lightroom 2 0

Split toning lets you replicate a black and white tone

Lightroom 2 0

The Tone Curve Tool allows you to manipulate colour channels

Lightroom 2 0

Get rid of pesky fog with the dehaze tool

Lightroom 2 0

One-tap sharing lets you give your pictures exposure

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