Mextures app for iPhone and iPad

If you're a fan of the vintage-look, this cool app provides an interesting 'mexture' of retro effects and Photoshop-like layers.

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Our Verdict

A new way to tweak photo effects that deserves a permanent place on your iPhone or iPad.


  • A must-have if you like the vintage look
  • Swap effects at will
  • Access to Guest Formulas - nine custom templates


  • Anyone getting bored of retro filters yet?

Mextures app

Mextures is far from just another retro filter clone; it's the most customisable effects app on the App Store, and it's a must-have if you love the vintage look.

Part of its success is that the filters are all rather subtle, with only major effects taking place on your photo because you keep adding layers of different effects and dialling their strength up or down. The app's textures all come in packs (Light Leaks, Grit & Grain, Grunge and so on) that you can swap at will, overlaying multiple transitions until you're happy with the result.

Each filter's thumbnail is in a scrollbar below your image, and the layers tab shows you a number next to it to tell you how many layers have been applied. Applying all these filters would make for overdone pictures if it weren't for Mexture's blending modes, which is the key to true Photoshop-like result.

Another great feature is the Guest Formulas, where nine serious iPhonegraphers offer up their own templates that have been created in the app. These can easily become your favourite filters. All told, if filters are your thing, this is one of the best photo apps around.

Key info

  • Works with: iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Price: $0.99, £0.69
  • Developer: Merek Davis
  • Version: 1.1
  • App size: 47.6MB
  • Age rating: 4+

The Verdict


out of 10


A new way to tweak photo effects that deserves a permanent place on your iPhone or iPad.


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