50 illustrators to follow on Behance

41. Victo Ngai

Ngai created this illustration for McDonald's' 2012 Dragon New Year campaign

Victo Ngai is a New York-based illustrator whose biggest passions are travelling, eating and drawing. And from the looks of her portfolio, she excels at the latter. Her eye-catching, distinctive style has secured her work with some of the world's biggest brands, including The New Yorker, McDonald's and Adidas Hong Kong.

42. Peony Yip

This brilliant, yet disturbing drawing is part of Peony Yip's 'Disease of nature' series

This illustration actually sent shivers down our spine, and the portfolio of Hong Kong-based illustrator Peony Yip is full of projects that may invoke a similar reaction. There's no denying that she has a serious amount of skill with a pencil.

43. Mink Couteaux

This portrait of Tupac Shakur features in Mink Couteaux's 'Dead Rappers' illustration series

It's hard to miss the awesome, vibrant work from Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Mink Couteaux. His portfolio is full of a diverse range of imagery, ranging from detailed portraits to more abstract designs. His 'Bad Actors' and 'Dead Rappers' (above) series are particular winners.

44. Adam Roselund

Adam Roselund creates illustrations – such as this gig poster – in his free time

Adam Roselund grew up in California on a diet of "sugary bits of pop phenomena", before becoming a professional graphic designer with sidelines in illustration and comics. His portfolio is definitely worth a look – we especially like this unsettling gig poster for Yvette Grooms.

45. Francesco Poroli

Poroli was commissioned to create the cover image for this Italian sports mag

If you're a fan of clean vector illustrations then you'll love the portfolio of Italian artist Francesco Poroli. His colourful, distinctive style has secured him work for magazines all over Europe, including a commission for the cover and inside illustrations for SportWeek, a top sport's news magazine in Italy.

46. Sedat Girgin

This illustration is part of a series Girgin created for Turkish Airlines' Skylife magazine

Born in Istanbul in 1985, Turkish illustrator Sedat Girgin works as a freelance illustrator for several children's book publishers and magazines. And all of his work can be seen in what is an awe-inspiring portfolio. Girgin's illustrative style is unique, with many of his pieces featuring a somewhat dark undertone.

47. Orlando Arocena

Arocena created this illustration as 'a vector celebration of being a proud Mexican-Cuban-Amercian'

Orlando Arocena describes himself as a 'Mexican-Cuban-American who enjoys delivering creative solutions for some of the world's most renowned brands'. A clear lover of bright colours, Arocena's portfolio of amazing, eye-catching illustrations entrances anyone who happens upon it.

48. Gosia Herba

illustrators to follow on Behance

Gosia Herba is a versatile illustrator, even creating her own playing cards

Polish illustrator Gosia Herba's work focuses on surreal portraits, gorgeous subdued colour palettes and hand-drawn aesthetics. She's even branched out into custom playing cards and illustrations for ceramics.

49. Jean-Pierre Le Roux

illustrators to follow on Behance

We love Le Roux's work with illustrative type and colour

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Jean-Pierre Le Roux is an expert at creating inticing and unique illustrations. His type work is particularly impressive, and has won him clients including Virgin Active and Nickelodeon Kids.

50. Yeka Haski

illustrators to follow on Behance

You'll be hard-pressed not to smile when you scroll through Yeka's profile

Based in Saint-Petersburg, illustrator Yeka Haski focuses on characters, food and the microcosm. Channelling the style of Kawaii character design, her work is packed full of love, fun and adorable characters that will almost definitely cheer you up.

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