50 illustrators to follow on Behance

31. Goni Montes

Illustrator Goni Montes has an inspiring library of artwork

Goni Montes began his artistic career as a scientific illustrator before moving on to editorial illustrations and fantasy subjects. His portfolio showcases a handful of said projects, all of which are worth taking a look at. If you're into character illustrations, you should definitely follow this talented artist.

32. Atelier Olschinsky

The team at creative studio Atelier Olschinsky created this abstract image as part of its 'Organic' series

Atelier Olschinsky is a collaboration between Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss. Specialising in illustration, photography and art direction, its portfolio features page upon page of inspirational imagery. There's also a cool 'Hallucination' illustration available for you to download for free.

33. Ludovic Cordelières

Ludovic Cordelières created this detailed fantasy illustration for the Colombian festival Macabro

If you're into fantasy art, you should be following Ludovic Cordelières, aka Rusalkadesign. The French artist's work is inspired by death metal and worldwide mythologies. His portfolio contains a wealth of stunning projects – but be warned, they're not for the faint-hearted.

34. Erwin Kho

Erwin Kho specialises in low-polygon 3D illustrations

Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Erwin Kho specialises in low-polygon 3D illustrations. His portfolio is full of his beautiful and distinctive creations,  including promotional work for Orange magazine and the island of Aruba. The charming series pictured above, entitled 'Islands', is one of Kho's personal projects.

35. Niklas Lundberg

Niklas Lundberg created a series of illustrations for the Formula 1 Global Campaign in 2012

The talent of Swedish illustrator Niklas Lundberg has attracted the attention of some of the world's biggest brands, including Eurosport, MTV Australia and Nissan. His work has been featured around the world and in various publications, and you can see it all gathered together in his stunning Behance portfolio.

36. Gediminas Pranckevicius

One of the eye-catching, awesome illustrations in the portfolio of Gediminas Pranckevicius

Lithuanian illustrator Gediminas Pranckevicius' Behance portfolio includes whimsical landscapes and joyful character designs, and all of his pieces are as eye-catching as this genius 'Time' illustration. 

37. Juan Carlos Paz

One of Juan Carlos Paz's colourful characters

Working under the studio name BAKEA, Juan Carlos Paz specialises in creating larger-than-life character designs, occasionally with a naughty twist. Combining photographic backgrounds and digitally rendered creatures, his designs are hard to forget. 

38. Shishi Hguyen

Shishi Hguyen uses watercolours to create many of her beautiful illustrations

Pale colours and delicate linework mark out the work of Vietnamese artist Shishi Hguyen. She combines traditional watercolour painting with modern digital techniques to create artwork with a whimsical, magical feel.

39. Chris Valentine

Ilustrator Chris Valentine drew this portrait of Steve Jobs after being commissioned by Liquid Capital group in South Africa

Illustration is South African artist Chris Valentine's passion. And with a talent like his, it's a good job. Valentine's portfolio is filled with stunning illustrations, many of which are detailed, close-up portraits. This study of Steve Jobs is part of a series of pencil portraits of famous entrepreneurs and successful people for the Liquid Capital group in South Africa.

40. Eunike Nugroho

Oriental Poppies is one of Eunike Nugroho's latest botanical portraits

British artist Eunike Nugroho is a wildlife lover and travel enthusiast, which shines through in the many nature-inspired illustrations in her portfolio. Favouring watercolours for most of her work, Nughoro pays meticulous attention to detail when capturing her subject matter, even down to the fine hairs found on fruits and flowers.

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