50 illustrators to follow on Behance

21. Denis Gonchar

Denis Gonchar's brilliant portfolio includes detailed drawings of humans and animals

It's difficult to ignore the illustrative work of Ukranian artist Denis Gonchar. Alongside his vibrant animal studies, his recent work focuses on sports players, with striking, visceral results. It would appear Gonchar can turn his talented hands to the most difficult of subjects with ease.

22. Natalie Lines

This self-taught illustrator has an awe-inspiring portfolio. If you're not following her, do it immediately!

Natalie Lines is a self-taught illustrator based in the Midlands, UK. During her artistic career, her distinctive style has attracted the clients including Lady Gaga and retailers Dorothy Perkins and House of Fraser. Her multi-page portfolio is full of gorgeous, intricate illustrations of well-known faces, from Keira Knightley to Kim Kardashian. 

23. James Bennett

There's inspiration in abundance at James Bennett's Behance portfolio

Another portfolio featuring some famous faces is that of James Bennett, an illustrator based in Pennsylvania, USA. His stylised portraits, often captured from an unusual point of view, lean towards caricature without ever becoming silly.

24. Simon Prades

Simon Prades' client list includes Nike, The New York Times and VICE magazine

Born in southern Germany, Simón Prades is a super-talented illustrator and graphic designer whose client list includes the likes of Nike, The New York Times and VICE magazine. Pardes' Behance portfolio is full of intricate pencil and ink illustrations, with colour used sparsely but to great effect.

25. Christi du Toit

Check out the distinctive graphic style of Christi du Toit on her Behance portfolio

We love the graphic style of South African illustrator Christi du Toit, which you can see in abundance on his Behance portfolio. A self-taught freelance artist, du Toit's signature style is often dark and otherwordly. 

26. Samuel Ho

Designer and illustrator Samuel Ho combines two of his loves: sports logos and superheroes

If you fancy a burst of colour, check out the brilliant illustrative work of artist Samuel Ho – aka Sho. And if, like Ho, you have a love of sports logos and superheroes, check out his brilliant Marvel Varsity Tees project. His Behance portfolio states Ho's work is 'the manifestation of the many ventures and influences that he surrounds himself with'.

27. Asakura Kouhei

Artist Asakura Kouhei uses his natural surroundings as inspiration for his illustrations

Inspired by the natural surroundings of his childhood, Japanese artist Asakura Kouhei has created some of the most beautiful nature illustrations we've ever seen. With its poppy, fluoro tones and surreal compositions, Kouhei's work is a a feast for the eyes.

28. Peter Gutierrez

This is just one of many brilliant, detailed illustrations in designer Peter Gutierrez's portfolio

Based in LA, Peter Gutierrez is a designer and illustrator who likes to take on a challenge, which is evident when looking at his extensive portfolio of detailed illustrations. His Behance page showcases a range of pop culture subjects – from Game of Thrones to Alien – all captured in a striking, comic book-inspired style.

29. Yo Az

This detailed owl illustration is part of illustrator Yo Az's animal series, which also features a stunning stag, bear, lion, bull and elephant

Geometric shapes and vibrant colours about on the portfolio site for French illustrator Yo Az. This animal series (pictured above) by  blows our minds: the amount of detail is incredible. If it's inspiration you're looking for, you need look no further.

30. Iain Macarthur

This is just one of many intricate illustrations featured in Iain Macarthur's portfolio

British illustrator Iain Macarthur's portfolio is brimming with beautiful, detailed illustrations. He specialises in drawing realistic figures with a twist, and the above image is part of his 'Transformation' series of surreal artwork that combines labyrinthine patterns with portraits.

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