Top 20 graphic designers to follow on Pinterest

These leading creatives all post amazing stuff on Pinterest. Follow them today!

There are many ways that designers can make the most of social networks, but one of the best places to find inspiration has to be Pinterest. Having said that, with so many boards to wade through, it's also an easy place to lose hours of your life. So to help you find and pin the most interesting stuff, we’ve picked some of the best graphic designers to follow. Enjoy!

01. Daniel Nelson

Swedish-based graphic designer and developer Daniel Nelson has amassed nearly 70,000 followers on his Pinterest account. The founder of hugely popular design blog From Up North collates pins from across the design world, covering graphic design, gig posters, street art and even 80s design.

02. Rusty Cook

Chicago designer and illustrator Rusty Cook uses her Pinterest account to share her passion for branding. Her design and print board showcases posters and online design, whilst additional boards are dedicating to exploring the very best in branding and identity, illustration and iconography and web and mobile. One to add to your follower list!

03. Mike Dew

Philadelphia-based, Cincinnati-born graphic designer Mike Dew is one of Pinterest’s most followed pinners with a staggering 3.5 million fans. A little more contemporary than the usual, Mike’s boards include ‘rad shit’, ‘badgography’ and ‘stuffology’, alongside the usual design-related pins.

04. Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Oregon, with a passion for logo design, brand identity and illustration. His Pinterest boards cover a wide range of design-related topics, from architecture to signage.

05. Fabio Sasso

San Francisco designer and blogger Fabio Sasso is a bit of a social media celebrity with thousands of followers across all the major social networks, including Pinterest. His five boards cover sources of inspiration, web, design, ads and style for his nearly 2.5k followers to enjoy.

06. Jenna Chambers

From graphic design to stylish CVs to crochet, Jenna Chambers’ Pinterest account is a mix of creativity and colour. Her graphic design inspiration board is a collection of all her great design finds, including menus, business cards, web designs and print ads.

07. Jen Vasseur

Connecticut-based freelance web designer and developer Jen Vasseur has a great selection of boards with a number of practical-based pins on colour theory and fonts. Most insightful is her board on web design, which she uses to pin some of the most interesting design concepts and colours that she’s found across the web.

08. Xinkui Wang

If you’re looking for some mobile design inspiration, then this is the pinner to follow. Chinese designer and developer Xinkui Wang has posted nearly five and a half thousand pins on mobile design, with boards ranging from web design to Android to logos.

09. Terri Holtze

Describing herself as a “web designer, librarian, and lover of all things beautiful”, Terri Holtze has created boards for you to glean lots of inspiration. Her web design board focuses heavily on responsive design, and her boards on colors and patterns are also worth following.

10. Adam Smith

President and Creative Director of Advent Integrated, an integrated agency with offices across the world, Adam Smith has lots of great boards to take inspiration form. As well as boards on web design and typography, he also collates work on branding, packaging and print design. And there’s a whole host of other interesting stuff to check out in his boards dedicated to sustainability, too.

11. Violeta Patolova

Bulgarian designer Violeta Patolova has over 50 boards to source inspiration from, whether you’re looking for design-related content or something artier. Her board on graphic design contains an extensive mix of design, branding and packaging, and her boards on typography, illustration and web design are also worth following, too.

12. Oen Hammonds

If you’re looking for a Pinner that oozes cool, then Oen Hammonds is your man. As well as his brilliant board on design, this self-proclaimed ‘art director, designer and educator’ showcases the best in web design, branding, fashion, photography and manga. And with over 230,000 followers, he’s one popular pinner to follow!

13. Derek Kimball

If you’re looking for graphic design inspiration, then follow Derek Kimball and you’ll be spoilt for choice. His 38 boards are dedicated to all things design, from gig posters to colour palettes to work spaces. Particularly cool is his board dedicated to ‘Gifts for graphic designers’…just in case you were looking for a little inspiration to treat yourself!

14. Malin Otmalm

Swedish designer Malin Otmalm collects pins that are aesthetically beautiful. As well as her boards on typography and graphic design, she has a huge collection of boards dedicated to lifestyle, illustrated through different hues of grey. Particularly nice is her board dedicated to chalk art.

15. Maria Grønlund

Describing herself as ‘design Jedi’, Maria Grønlund’s boards focus on the use of colour, be that in branding, architecture, graphic design, and even gardening! With a really varied list of boards to follow, hers is a great account to follow if you’re looking for a little colour inspiration for your work.

16. Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh, partner at NYC design agency Sagmeister & Walsh, has over 20,000 followers and nearly 60 boards dedicated to art and design. Bursting with colour, her boards range from typefaces to iconography, motion to collage, and is a great source of inspiration.

17. Kazuya Arakawa

There are so many sources of inspiration on the Pinterest account of designer Kazuya Arakawa. As well as the more traditional deign-related boards, he also focuses on colour and texture, with boards solely dedicated to leather, the colour green and even strawberries! A real eclectic mix to follow.

18. Nancy Carter

Looking for some logo design inspiration? Seattle-based logo designer Nancy Carter has a huge collection of fantastic boards that offer a huge range pins, as well as boards covering graphic design, illustration and colour. Check out her other boards, too, if you’re a fan of arts and craft.

19. Meg Sullivan

From books to branding, vintage to motorcycles, graphic designer Meg Sullivan has a really eclectic mix of boards. We recommend following her web design board, which highlights some really interesting design projects, as well as her boards on branding, typography and zines.

20. Laurent Desserre

French graphic designer Laurent Duserre has a really good selection of boards to choose from. With over 14,000 followers, her boards collate the very best in everything from advertising, graphic design, branding and editorial layout. We particularly love her board on toy design.

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Words: Natalie Brandweiner

Natalie Brandweiner has a background in journalism. After writing about social media marketing for two and a half years in her previous role, she decided to practice what she’d preached and joined the wonderful world of social media management for ThirtyThree.