3D World files for issue 182

Here you'll find all the files, resources and video to accompany issue 182 of 3D World magazine.

3D World files for issue 182

To download the accompanying files for 3D World issue 182, simply click the link below each article and a zip file will automatically download the content to your Mac or PC.


Download extra art, process images and step-by-step images for some of this issue's showcase artwork.

Download Showcase files here (8MB)

Artist Q&A

Download the support files, step images and video you need to help follow our artists' anwers to your questions.

Download Artist Q&A files here (115.6MB)

Click for video (69MB)

Community: Autodesk's Creation Suite tested

Download video tutorials for Autodesk's new features and tools of Maya 2015, 3ds Max 2015 and Mudbox 2015.

Download Autodesk suite test files here (92.8MB)

Click for video (907.5MB)

In Focus: Ink Riders

Download extra art and step-by-step images for this issue's personal project, Ink Riders.

Download Ink Riders files here (6.3MB)

Feature: Breathing life into the past

Download extra art and images for our lead dinosaur CG feature here (38.6MB)

Feature: Scaling new heights

Download extra art and process images from Animal Logic, the team behind Walking With Dinosaurs 3D.

Download Scaling new heights feature files here (1.7MB)

Tutorial: Create a realistic dinosaur model

Download extra images, step-by-step files and tutorial video to Jonathan Reilly's extended modelling workshop.

Download dinosaur model tutorial files here (541.9MB)

Click for video (323.7MB)

Tutorial: Model and render a surrealist scene

Follow some of Enrico Cerica's tips using these extra step images and process artwork.

Download surrealist scene files here (6.7MB)

Tutorial: Model a creature from imagination

Download the concept art behind Aybars Turan's ZBrush model as well as extra step-by-step images.

Download imaginary creature files here (292.5MB)

Tutorial: Painting realistic creature skin textures

Download Daren Horley's extra art and process images for his tutorial on painting skin textures in Mari.

Download skin texture tutorial here (21.1MB)

Tutorial: Anatomy part 3 - Sculpting the muscles

Download the video and step-by-step files to follow Dan Crossland's anatomy modelling workshop.

Download anatomy tutorial files here (94.7MB)

Click for video (192.7MB)

Develop: Production diary part 1 - Start modelling

Download the step-by-step images for Miguel Ortega's modelling process for his self-funded movie, The Ningyo.

Download start modelling files here (14.4MB)

Develop: Digital dinosaur evolution

Download the extra art, files and images for our look at the evolution of dinosaur CG in feature films.

Download digital dinosaur evolution files here (4.3MB)