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How to turn your Xbox into a motion-capture studio

If you're looking to create your own motion capture studio, you may think you need a ton of expensive equipment. But now Reallusion has brought motion capture out of the film studio and into the front room, by launching the new Mocap Plug-in for Kinect for Xbox One, for use with its own iClone 6 Pro software.

With this new high-definition Kinect motion capturing tool, you can now use your own body to more accurately control virtual actors, in real-time. Motion-smoothing optimizations for fast previsualization animations enable you to lightspeed your animations while creating authentic motions – without having to rent an entire mocap studio, or even wear a markered jump suit.

Once initial motions have been captured, you can then dive into iClone's many motion editing tools (which include HumanIK and motion layering) to quickly adjust initial motion captures prior to exporting characters and motions to game engines or other 3D application via FBX formats.

The Mocap Plug-in for Kinect Xbox One is now available for £79.99. For more information, visit the Reallusion website.

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